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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: L'Occitance En Provence Cleansing Water

I like multi-purpose products simply because you get more benefits out of just one single product. But sometimes, you don't get the maximum effect from such products as compared to what you can get from something that serves only one purpose. Classic examples are tinted moisturizers. Most of the time, they are not as moisturizing as plain moisturizers are. This product I am reviewing - L'Occitane En Provence Cleansing Water - is no exception. In this review, there won't be Pros and Cons in bullet form as it will be easier to just explain everything without having to list them down.

Product Description:

A gentle alcohol-free makeup remover that tones skin in one step. This unique fluid, rich in orange blossom floral water, Shea and cassia extract, is perfectly adapted to dry skin and respects the fragility of the eye area. After use, the skin is soft, the complexion refreshed and luminous.

To use: Apply morning and evening with a cotton pad or spray directly onto the face for a refreshing effect. May also be used in conjunction with milk.

My review:

As stated on the product description, this is well suited for those with dry skin, and I have combi-oily skin. While it is supposed to work best with that skin type, I find that this also works for me. It does not add up nor affect the oil production on my face and does not dry it out either.

When used as a makeup remover, it is definitely not as effective as cleansing oils are in removing makeup and dirt. An example is that I have already used up 5 cotton pads and I am still getting a lot of dirt from my face. I reached 8 cotton pads and there are still a lot of dirt left. But what I notice is that after each cotton pad that I use, my face is brighter and feels refreshed.

Since this also works as a toner, I sometimes use this after washing my face with a facial cleanser and right before applying my moisturizer. I think this works better that way. I get to remove the excess dirt and my face is definitely cleaner and brighter.

I have also tried it as a facial mist. It is refreshing and does not affect my makeup even though it is supposed to remove makeup. I just had to let it dry on its own as if I dab tissue on my face to dry it just like I do with Evian, it takes off whatever makeup I have on that area. So between this and Evian, I'd choose the latter any time of the day.

Another plus is that is smells really pleasant, not overpowering and does not cause headache.

I was honestly frustrated with this as a makeup remover so one night, I figured that since it is designed to remove makeup while being gentle on the face, I can try using it as a brush cleaner as it will be gentle enough on the bristles. And guess what? It works! It effectively cleaned my brushes and making them smell good is an added bonus. So it's now a 4-in-1 product!

Overall rating:

As a makeup remover: 2/5

As a toner: 3/5

As a facial mist: 3/5

As a brush cleaner: 3.5/5

Will I buy again? Probably not. I'm sure there are other cleansers that are more effective in removing makeup and there are toners that are really designed as a toner. I am also sticking to Evian for facial mists since I get the same kind of refreshing feel with it while setting my makeup too. As a brush cleaner, this is too expensive to be used for that purpose alone.

 It turns from clear to milky when sprayed.

Have you tried this product?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Great review for this product Pammy, i like it that you're very detailed. And that was a clever discovery, i mean using it as a brush cleaner and an expensive one at that hehe :-)

  2. Oh, wow... 8 cotton pads sure is a LOT! it might be better of as a mist/toner and a brush cleaner.

    nice find sis!

  3. Hi Pammy! I used this before maybe 3-4 years ago? Is it still priced Php500 for a small bottle?

    Anyways, I liked it as a cleanser whenever I go hiking especially if I'm at a cold place and washing my face with water is torture (too cold) and it does the job well. But using it to remove makeup esp. if you use liquid foundie is not really economical so i switched brands. It's too expensive, really.

    And I agree, that's too much for a brush cleaner too! hehe

  4. I love the concept, too bad it doesn't work well as a makeup remover! I want to try Clinelle's toner, it seems similar to this.

  5. Mina, thanks. You know the feeling that you want a product to work so much for you that you just find ways for it to work. Haha!

    Argie, yes, a whopping 8! Haha! I'll probably use it to remove light makeup and as a brush cleaner. :P

    Gale, I'm not sure. I got this on eBay. :D Oh, I've been using liquid foundie lately and it does an awful job in removing makeup. I should probably try it on lighter ones though I am not keeping my hopes up. But if it worked for you, then it just might work. Keeping my fingers crossed. :P

    Switch, I've read reviews about Clinelle too! Lemme guess, on GT? :P Haha!

    Caroline, thanks. Glad to have given an honest review. :P

  6. how interesting it changes to a milky texture after you pump it out! very novel to say the least!

    thanks for your comment too!

  7. Nic, you look great on your wedding photos. A lovely bride at the very least. :)


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