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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mini eBay and online purchases

Here's the mini eBay and online purchases I made before this year ends. This will just be a super quick post since I am heading out and going to EDSA Shang as I need a new cleanser since my Superhero Soap has suddenly stopped working for me. Found out it's the culprit for my skin's bad condition. It all started from eating cookies with nuts (Yes, I am allergic to nuts) then spots suddenly started popping out on different parts of my face but I will go into that soon. I have my eyes set on this cleanser from Healthy Options. And no, I won't be buying anything other than that. I'm keeping my promise of not doing another mini haul or whatever. Going back, here are my online purchases.

From  - Wet 'n' Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in Ash Brown, Wet 'n' Wild Coloricon single eyeshadow in Envy (such a gorgeous shade), NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow, Tracy by Tracy Ellen EDP vial. I have yet to recieve a Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara from a different seller though.

From Girltalk - goodies from strawberryswitchblade

The sample of Chanel Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation in Clair 20 that Dianne got for me and other ladies since we wanted to try it first before buying. Oh no, I am on a foundation phase. Liquid to be exact.

Of course, another book. I have several books lined up and I guess I'll be on a nerd mode next month. A friend of mine said he didn't know I was such a nerd or a dork. Haha!

Anyway, that's all for now. It's raining and I gotta get there early so I can avoid the dreaded rush hour when going home.

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I also never knew you were also a bookworm! Any favorite authors or genres? :)

  2. Madz, I love reading books! My faves are Steve Berry, Jack Higgins, James Patterson, Mario Puzo, Iris Johansen, and even Archie comics. Haha! :P

  3. nice haul!

    sorry if im not able to drop by as much as i want to. i said to myself that i will be on vacation this week so i will not be going online as much as i do before..hehe

    good thing that you found out the culprit for your breakout. so from now on, nuts is a no-no!

    hope you'll have a good start for your 2011,hun!

  4. The wet n' wild green envy shade is gorgeous even from the pics the color jumps. I figured you read a lot coz you write well. I'll try to go back to reading again and make that a resolution. hehe

    Hope you find a nice alternative to your superhero soap hehe:-)

  5. awesome haul! I'm totally loving Wet N Wild products right now! :)

  6. i want to buy the brow kit again.. :D nice haul pammy

  7. pams can you recommend a good book for me hehe,hmm any good book..may vampires,wolves,manananggal,tikbalangor wala basta good read hehe.thank you..

  8. You are too sweet! Thanks for your opinion on all my hair colors! I dont know about sweet and innocent, well maybe! HAHA!
    I just bought a new palette from Urban Decay and I am SO excited to get it. I will let you know how it is!!!!


  9. great haul! You'll really enjoy those WNW products.

  10. make-upppppppppp

    hahahaa usually, people don't expect make-up addicts to have a dorky side right? hahaha they get surprised when they learn that other side hahahaha

    have a great 2011 pam!

  11. Thiamere, so that's why I haven't seen any post from you for the past week. We all deserve a break anyway so I hope you had a great week. Yeah, super no to nuts. Happy New Year, dear. :P

    Mina, so true! It's the only shade that really caught my eye. I love greens. :P I hope the cleansers I got work well for my maarteng skin. Go start reading again, it will take you to different places and times. :P

    Denysia, I only have a couple of WnW products and I must say they really stepped up their game. :P

    Donna, haha! I honestly don't know what to do with this brow kit anymore since I fell in love with Revlon Brow Fantasy and have 2! :P

    Cams, oh no. I'm not a fan of those stories but I suggest you read Mario Puzo (author of The Godfather) and Steve Berry. Boring at first though. :P

    Angela, yey! Excited to know what you think about it. :P

    My-My, thank you. I think I'm going to love Envy. :P

    Traveliz, so true! he started calling me nerd since then. Haha! :P Happy New Year! :P

  12. Nice picks! I've seen the
    NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder while I was doing my online purchases on ebay. But I didn't buy it coz I don't know if its any good. Do you think it's worth a try?

  13. Hollie, I have only tested it once and it showed up as a pale pink on my cheeks, very subtle and sheer but still pretty. :P


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