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Monday, December 13, 2010

Product Review: Clarins Truly Matte Foundation

I haven't been posting lately due to personal reasons that are better left unsaid. I really have a lot of reviews in mind but I lacked the creativity needed and I basically wasn't up for writing anything. A really bad case of writer's block for both my job and blogging? I dunno. Anyway, after being successful with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup, I am slowly venturing into the world of liquid foundation. Having proved that there are really liquid foundations made for oily skin that work, I decided to give it another go and this time, it is with Clarins Truly Matte Foundation. I seriously wasn't willing to spend that much for a full size of something I have never tried before so I was lucky when I scored a sample or a bottle of a tester online. It's what I have been using lately and jeez, I realized that I have been totally neglecting EL DW. Is it time for EL DW to move over? Let's see. :)

This small bottle contains 10mL of product which I know will last me for months!

What I like:
- Smooth and creamy and blends easily.
- It blends with the skin and does not sit on top of it. It looks and feels so natural as if it's second skin.
- Dries to a matte finish without looking made up. As I have mentioned earlier, it looks so natural.
- Oil control is good and lasts for 4-5 hours without touch ups. Between this and EL DW, the latter is better though.
- Does not dry as quickly as EL DW and I can get away with leaving tiny dots on my face as I am confident it won't dry out and leave me with little round patches.
- Provides light-medium coverage and can be built up depending on your desired coverage.
- A little goes a long way. Since it is creamy, it can be easily spread on the skin and you only need a pea-size amount for the entire face.
- Once my face starts to oil up, my skin doesn't look ugly nor greasy. It looks rather dewy.
- It has SPF 15 but I'm glad it does not leave a whitish cast on pictures.
- The shade 2.5 or Biscuit matches my skin tone perfectly.
- Does NOT oxidize on me! Hooray! :P
- I was really expecting this to be outrageously expensive but I found out it costs in between Php1.7-1.8k at Rustan's. Lesser at Duty Free, of course. I was honestly debating on whether I should get this one or Shu Uemura FA but I chose the latter since I think this small bottle will last for a long time. Quality is good and I believe that justifies the price tag.
- Locally available at Rustan's.

What I don't like:
- Has a funny smell but disappears a few seconds right after application. I still prefer something unscented though.
- It transfers! I blotted with tissue paper yesterday and I saw a little product on the tissue afterwards.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 Lost a couple of points because it is not transfer-resistant.

Will I buy again? Oh, yes! But I'm sure it will take a long time before I get a full size of this. I still have like 6 or 7 foundations to use up plus 2 BB creams. I think it can wait.

This is a great foundation but not enough to dethrone Estee Lauder Double Wear as my HG foundation. Will Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation do it? We'll find out soon! :P

***I think I fully tested this yesterday when I went out. I went to 4 different places yesterday that are nowhere near each other yet it stayed put. I only had to blot once. When I got home, I would be lying if I say it still looks fresh but it still looks nice, I promise. I don't look super haggard even though I really was. And I was out for 6 hours and didn't remove it until after 4 hours when I got home so I had it on my face for a total of 10 hours. When I was about to remove my makeup, I noticed that my skin still looked nice. So I guess it's safe to say that this foundation ROCKS!***

Freshly applied

My outfit yesterday. I love that necklace. I've had it for 3 years now yet I never lost the love I have for it. Wore this laced top and a green cardigan. Bad decision though. It was pretty hot yesterday and I got itchy - one reason why I should never wear anything with lace.

Have you tried this foundation?

Happy freakin' hot Monday, super awesome peeps! :P

By the way, thank you to all those who offered their prayers for my friend. I'm sure she's happy wherever she is right now. In heaven, I know. :)


  1. My mom loves Clarins. =) She has their skincare etc... but I find that it doesn't work that well for me. However, after reading your review I might give it a try again!

    Today's a really sunny day no? O.o I find it kind of weird. LOL! Happy Monday to you too!

  2. Sugar, their products must be really nice if your mom loves them. I hope you'll like it when you give it another try. :P

  3. Condolonces in this time of grief, Pammy.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're growing a collection of love-worthy foundies. From EL to Clarins to Shu (i hope).

    i love your outfit and the necklace! pati ba naman sa lace allergic ka ata sis LOLxxx.

  4. Sorry to know that you're going through something Pammy.

    The foundation looks great on you-seems flawless and based on your swatches you found an exact match!

    I haven't tried Clarins but because of this it seems to be worth a try. Btw, i'm getting so intrigued with Estee Lauder but i still have few bottles to finish hehe:-)

  5. Argie, thank you. :) Yeah, I hope Shu won't be a disappointment. Uh, yes, I am allergic to lace. :D

    Mina, thank you. :) I was lucky that it was an exact match. Guesstimates work for me so far. From your bottles, I am really intrigued with the Lancome and Chanel one. :P

  6. I've always associate Clarins with "great skincare" but never tried it, and that means, haven't tried their makeup line too! I may give it a look in the future, thanks! Nice top!!!!

  7. Nikki, I've never tried any of their skin care products. Maybe I should too. :)

  8. it's super pretty sayo pammy parang wala lang foundie! :)

  9. i have not yet found a liquid foundation suitable for my skin! i prefer to stick to powders. ^^

  10. Tin, thank you. :P

    gyc, I used to stick to powder foundies but luckily, I found some that works. I'm sure there is a liquid foundie for you somewhere out there waiting for you. :P


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