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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wishlist 2010 - Completed!

Dear Santa,

I promise I will be a good girl. Just give me these items for Christmas and I promise I'll be made of sugar and spice and everything nice next year. I promise I won't be naughty too. Just give me these, pretty pretty please? :D


Of course I'm old enough to know that the white bearded man with a big tummy in a red suit living in the North Pole does not exist. I remember when I was a kid, I would write a note to Santa and ask for storybooks or a Barbie then place it inside the red stockings hanging on the window. Then my mom or dad would change their hand writings and write a "letter from Santa" telling me to be a good girl so I can get what I want for Christmas and the following morning, I would be jumping with joy because I received a letter from Santa. And just like any kid, I figured out he never wrote me those letters and gave me those gifts. But I am never too old to have a Christmas wishlist and neither are you. :P I don't have much and in fact, I only have 4 on my list. :P

Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10

Shu Uemura Mini Compact Palette to house my blushes

Dior Strawberry Sorbet Blush

Oh, and I also have a number 5 - Happiness, Love, Peace, and Hope to the rest of the world! My grade school friends are planning to have a Christmas party and someone suggested giving food to those living on the streets. I really wasn't sure if I should come but after seeing that a lot agreed to that idea, I just might. :)

I hope to get at least one of these for Christmas and that will make me a happy girl! :P Will I get them from Santa? Let's see. :P

What are on your Christmas wishlist? :P Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. Your santa story is so cute! It would be so funny if you were a little girl asking for these makeup already, your parents aka "santa" will be so shocked...haha!

    Shu Uemura face architect was my first love in liquid foundations, such a great great product! <3

    The Dior Sorbet blush looks so deliciously gorgeous! I want YSL lipstick in any pink shade, Chanel blushes,Bobbi Brown eye palettes...and a gazillion million things hehe...sigh! :-)

  2. Mina, I remember playing with my mom's makeup when I was a little girl. :P

    Now you made me want that Shu foundie even more.

    Haha! That's a lot. It's hard to run out of makeup lemmings. :P

  3. THE Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush looks soooo beautiful!

  4. Anastacia, it really does look beautiful based on swatches and reviews online but it's a bit pricey. :(

  5. Your 5th wish is a tougher thing to gift i believe :D And i sure miss my folks pretending that they're NOT Santa!

    But hey, your wishlist is sooooo amazing! they look so expensive (Dior, GZ, Shu, OMG!!!) that i'd rather close my eyes and think about something else before my lifetime savings run out from spreeing lux brands.

    but of course there's santa, right?? :) so it's okay to wish for this. kainggit lang because i know you'll get them... ako kahit magwish pa 10x, zero. LOLxxx

  6. Argie, I know the 5th is the toughest we can never stop hoping, right? :P

    Hey, I am becoming a cheapskate and doing a major downsizing on makeup so 2 or 3 of those items on my list would have to take the back seat for now. :P

    Ehem, Clinique isn't exactly cheap too. :P

  7. I don't have a wishlist for now as I still have enough products, but, it would be great to try Makeup Forever HD Foundation or the Bobbi Brown Foundation! Acck may wishlist na pala ako! hahahha

  8. Nikki, yes you do have a wishlist!!! Haha! The MUFE HD foundie is great but if you're used to foundies with light coverage, you might find it a little heavy. :P

  9. This makes me want a Christmas wishlist too haha You're still a blush-whore sis...dami mo request na blushers :)

  10. Gale, I only have 14 or 15 blushes left. I'm no longer the blush whore I used to be. Haha! Go have a Christmas wishlist. :P

  11. I'd normally wish for material things like the newest iTouch, Blackberry Torch or a sleek Canon DSLR, but right now I don't want things that depreciate.

    I feel I've been so materialistic the past year and all I want right now is to feel contentment, be rid of envy, jealousy and feel happy, fulfilled and secured again. :)

  12. Madz, that's such a nice wish. You can do that! :P

    That made me feel so materialistic. Haha! :)

  13. Oops sorry, that wasn't my intention! :p

    I still wish for the things I said above, no matter how small, I still am materialistic, but I just don't think too much of it right now. :)

  14. Haha! No need to say sorry. It's such a nice wish, really. :P

  15. Switch, you're such a BI. And a good one at that. :P

  16. Great wish list! I have the dior blush and I love it!

  17. Jadore, oh jeez. You made me want it more. :P


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