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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recent Mini Skin Care Purchases

Lately, I find myself checking out skin care products more than makeup. I am paying more attention to my skin than which makeups to use because I know that no matter how nice your makeup is, at the end of the day when your makeup is gone, it's just you and your very own skin. So now I want to have better skin and wouldn't it be nice to go out with barely anything on your face? I mean less to no makeup at all? Anyway, I'd like to share the three skin care stuff I have purchased recently.

I got the following:
1. L'Occitane Cleansing Water - this is a makeup remover/toner/facial mist in one plus I found another good use for it. I will be reviewing this item soon.
2. L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam - a really nice foamy facial cleanser. Brightening? Let's see. :P
3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude - now this can pass as makeup but since it is a moisturizer only with tint and has SPF too, it still takes care of the skin, right? :P

I will review these products soon. :P Oh, please join my giveaway too! :)

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps!

I'm excited because I will once again be hanging out with Argie and Crystal later today! Going to Shang/Mega. Who's around that area? Haha!  :P


  1. I heard lovely things about all these products, so I'm sure they will do wonders to you :)

    I want to invite you to visit my blog. There's a giveaway going on right now, so good luck if you decide to join it :)

  2. Anastacia, yey! :P

    Andrea, I hope they work their magic on me. Thanks, will check it out. :)

  3. lovely selection! I adore the L'Occitaine range so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it. My skin can be a complete nightmare so I would love if it improved enough to allow me to go out with no makeup on. At the very least I like to wear foundation, mascara and a little blush :)

  4. All Made Up, thank you. So far, I am loving the Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam. :P

  5. nice skin care haul. I always envy people with nice skin. Lately I've been getting microdermabrasion done and I do find that it helps a lot with my blemishes and acne scars

  6. J, I haven't tried microdermabrasion but it must really be a great product if it works that way for you. :P

  7. I love your post!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:))
    xx Mary

  8. cant wait for the review! i've been hearing good things about l'occitane

  9. Mary, thank you. :)

    Donna, will review them soon. :P

  10. The Immortelle seems really promising and i like the blue packaging. Cant wait for your update regarding it coz i love any brightening product, hehe:-)

  11. Mina, sure. I might do an early review on it. :P

  12. Hey lady!! Thank you for your sweet comments on my outfit post!
    I can't wait for your review on the L'Occitane Cleansing Water! I have never tried any of their products before! Let me know when the review is up!


  13. I love skin care products. I haven't tried these, looking forward to your reviews. Hope you had a nice hanging out!

  14. Angelina, I'll be reviewing them soon. We had a blast, thank you. :P


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