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Friday, January 21, 2011

Product Review: Laura Mercier Colour Classics Face Palette

Don't you just hate it when you're looking for your lipstick and you can't find it anywhere in your bag but you're sure it's there? Then when you need a quick blush touch up, you once again have difficulty finding your blush? Sucks, right? It takes time and effort and lotsa patience to dig through your things just to find a piece or two of makeup.

That's when palettes come in handy. Whoever invented the makeup palette is a genius! The convenience of having multiple products in one handy compact (except those huge eyeshadow palettes like Coastal Scents and Dollface and others that pop out in the market with different names but get the products from one manufacturer) is that you can bring it wherever you go. More so for those small ones that can easily fit in your purse. I have to admit that I've never had any makeup palette with multiple products before if my memory serves me right (but I have poor memory so I am not totally sure about it) and imagine my excitement when I decided to purchase one last Christmas.

I was checking out the NARS Only You Eye and Cheek Palette at Rustan's Gateway but I didn't like the packaging and I only get 6 products plus the hefty price tag made me think about it first. I then decided to check out the Laura Mercier counter beside it and boy I was glad I did. I saw a lot of holiday palettes and they were all pretty! Out of the many palettes on display, I chose the Colour Classics Face Palette and I gladly went home with it. And time for a review.

The palette comes with a very nice brown velvet pouch. 

I had no idea it came with a Pink Diamond Mini Lip Glace. It's really cute and it looks pretty but I never used it since I found their lip glaces too sticky for my liking.

The palette contains 2 blushes - Plum and Baby Pink and 6 eye shadows that go very well with each other - Deep Night, African Violet and Sparkling Dew and Coffee Ground, Topaz, and Rose (the 3 neutrals)

I like the texture of the eye shadows. Even the matte ones - Coffee Ground and Deep Night are both pigmented and not chalky. The shimmery ones are very pretty and pigmented too. They all apply smoothly and for an eye shadow noob like me, I find them easy to blend.

The blushes are good too. The Baby Pink shade, I think, is a true baby pink shade that is matte but not flat. It somehow reminds me of my Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30 sans the peach tones. It is neither chalky nor powdery and gives this "glow from within" look on the cheeks. The Plum shade, on the other hand, was the least appealing product for me because plums never worked for me. I remember using a plum blush and I ended up looking like a battered person and my face basically looked bruised as if I have been slapped over and over. When I had the courage to try it since I really cannot get rid of it, I was surprised that it turned rosy-pink on me and not the plum color I've been dreading. It has very fine shimmers that are not too obvious too. It is not chalky either. I'm so glad to have found a plum shade that works for me.

Having said all these, I am pleased with this palette. I can say that this palette gives value for money since the colour selection and the quality of the products is great. I think the colours complement each other too. The Plum blush can be used with the neutrals while the Baby Pink blush can be used with the darker shades. Another plus is that the compact is not a dirt magnet and the shelf life is also indicated at the back. I have to use this up in 12 months. Well, I never really bought the shelf life for powder products thingie since they last longer as long as they are used hygienically. I also think that the price is reasonable at Php2450. But I promise, I really like this palette a lot. I am not in love with it but I am definitely pleased with it and it is something I would recommend to people.

A closer look at the palette


What's your favorite palette?

I also have a question. I've been inconsistent as to how I review products. I do the bullet point thingie by listing down the pros and cons but I sometimes do the paragraph thingie just like this one. Which style do you like better? I need to make it uniform and consistent. Please lemme know. Thanks, dearies!

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i love that palette, nice colors ms. pammy. I think bullet type is fine.

  2. Kitten, thank you for the input. I really appreciate it. :P

  3. lovely! i can never use up any palette no matter how pretty it is. haha!

    i think the bullet form is easier to read, but paragraphs can let you describe the products better. ;)

  4. G dear, if I hit pan on at least one product from this palette, I'd be a happy girl! Thanks for the input too. :P

  5. Super pretty the packaging Pammy! But the color, kinda reminded me of the palette from Bobbi Brown, probably, on photos, they just look the same, but when swatched, ang cute ng baby pink ha!

  6. Nikki, really? Then this palette is awesome if the colors are similar to the Bobbi Brown palette. :P

  7. super nice wearable colors.
    it's something that can be worn at the office. love it!

    I'd prefer the bullets, it's easy on the eyes.

    If your comfortable with writing in paragraphs, I suggest you do it by segments. Readers easily get bored or lazy when reading LONG paragraphs.
    (I was a web content writer before, that's how I learned this stuff...hehe)

  8. Hollie, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw these palettes. :)

    I'll stick to bullets then, less blabbing for me. :P

  9. This palette IS amazing! The colors are all so pretty! :) All you need is to bring cosmetic brushes w/you right? :)

  10. Jen, true! Just brushes which save up space in the makeup pouch or purse. :P

  11. LOL for the bruised mauve story hehe, Based on the swatch the mauve shade here looks nice, no wonder it worked this time. I like the eyeshadow colors as well:-)

    I think a combination of bullets and paragraph would be nice too:-)

  12. Mina, true. This is the first ever plum shade that didn't make me look bruised. :P

    Yeah, I think I'll stick to bullets and add a few paragraphs. Let's see how that goes. :)

  13. I think you should do reviews the way you want to. LOL!!!! I have never really followed a format in reviewing either just because I feel that anything that's too formal may sound too business like. :/

    Listing down the pros & cons is probably the safest way to go because readers are more interested in those I suppose. :D

  14. Sugar, thanks for the input. I decided to do a little of both. :P

  15. Maybe you can do bullet points but the expound on them as well. That's what I do at least! :)

    And my mom bought a laura mercier quad last Christmas also and I was SO happy that she said we could share! I looove their shadows!

  16. Michelle, thanks for the suggestion. Oh, then I don't think I will regret getting this palette if that's the case with you and your mom. :)

  17. Super cute ng baby pink blush! I suggest put the main concept on a bullet then explain more on paragraph form.

  18. Justine, thank you for the suggestion as well! I guess that's one way to do it. :P

  19. OH! this is a palette i would travel with! I would use all the colors! I have a hard time finding a full faced palette without neglecting one thing. gah! I really wanna check this out.

  20. My-My, go check out this palette if you see this at a Laura counter. Really nice stuff included. :P


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