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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Product Review: Dior Addict High Color Melting Shiny Lip Color in 432 Rose Orgasme/Joy Pink

Here is another lipstick review that will prove I was on a high end lipstick phase. WAS is the operative word which means I am done with it. Haha! Back then, I really couldn't justify spending more than a thousand bucks (Philippine Peso) for a single tube of lipstick but thanks (or a sarcastic thanks, perhaps) to Chanel Rouge Allure in Comedia, I understood why it is in a way worth every cent. This time, it is from Dior - Dior Addict High Color Melting Shiny Lip Color in 432 Rose Orgasme/Joy Pink.

I find the packaging cute. It has a doorknob-like tube and it also ensures that the cap is secured. I find the blue cap less appealing and would've preferred something clear or pink but it's still cute anyway and it's not as if I can have the sales assistant switch the caps, right?

It looks like a pretty coral-peach-pink shade on the tube. I love how pretty this colour is. It's also a big plus that it is non-drying and glides so smoothly, you'll even think it's butter, on the lips. It is glossy and shiny sans the shimmer so I find this somewhat like a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip balm that is not in any way waxy. I also like that it's not fragranced like Estee Lauder.

But do not be deceived by the color on the tube because it goes waaay lighter once on the lips. It turns to a cute pale coral pink shade on the lips. It is pigmented and it's not as sheer as I prefer on lippies - this one is kinda opaque. I think this lip color is great for smokey-eyes or when you wear a dark shade of eyeshadow or when you simply want nude lips but not corpse-like nude as this will add a hint of pink or coral depending on how pigmented your lips are. Mine are not super pigmented for reference so it pretty much stays true to its color, perhaps like 80% or so.

Another look at the lippy.

Overall, I really like this lippy. I only wish there is more coral or pink to it so it can instantly brighten up my face. I would repurchase another Dior lipstick but I only need to fnd another shade that will catch my fancy. The only drawback is that it is quite pricey for a lipstick for Php1400 at Rustan's but again, if you buy it at Duty Free, you will save a few hundred bucks and just add a few more for another tube of lipstick. Haha!


On the lips.

Have you tried Dior lipsticks? How do you find them?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. hahaha, "corpse-like nude"
    some people really can pull that off, I personally can't. but I always liked the my-lips-but better look. And I think this color really accomplishes it.

    It's good to splurge once in a while. A Luxury phase is not a bad thing, as long as you know where your priorities are. All in all, I think you're doing all right. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while.

  2. My-My, agree. I prefer MLBBs too but it would be nice to have something quite nude that you can wear on certain occasions. :)

  3. the lipstick looks like Etude House's LuciDarling Fantastic Rouge Lipstick only this one has higher quality :)

  4. Live, it actually reminded me of something I saw at Etude and thought of buying back then. :)

  5. I also have this in a different shade and I agree with your review. The blue transparent cap doesn't look great.

  6. Jamie, what shade do you have? :P Yeah, it could do a little more sophistication since it's not cheap at all. :)

  7. ang ganda niya pammy.. i am getting tired of pink na and this looks awesome ah..nice for summer. maganda ang corpse like nude pag super smokey eyes.. hehe try mo girl..

  8. Donna, I want to try it but I'm scared. I have this active imagination and I imagine that that's how I'll look like when I end up dead. Haha! :P

  9. Very pretty on your lips. I can't wait to graduate so I can start buying my own makeup and this is one of my projects. :)

  10. Diana, thank you. Haha! I hope you'll like this lipstick and all the others when that time comes. :)

  11. oh i love this colour on you... i look like a corpse with those beige nude kind of colours haha. i much prefer the kind of colour youve chosen here!

  12. Nic, I think you can pull off this shade. Those are the colors that make me look like a corpse too. :)

  13. dior addict = pammy :p

    ahaha! but this lippie looks very nice on you too! kaya lahat nabibili eh... wala kasi di bagay. x)

  14. Sugar, noooooo! I can't be a Dior addict. Otherwise, I'd be super duper broke. :P Meron kaya di bagay like the dark ones and the corpse lippies. :P


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