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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yum Moments: Carlo's Pizza, Tagaytay

Last Monday, a friend (my food trip buddy), together with her friend, and I went to Batangas for a business meeting (I only tagged along) and before we headed back to Manila, we decided to have early dinner at Carlo's Pizza in Tagaytay. I love the place and the ambiance. But jeez, it felt like we were in a storm because of the strong winds and we were chilling and shaking the whole time we were there. We didn't expect it to be awfully cold and didn't have any jackets (except for my friend's friend) so we just had beer to somewhat feel warmer. Should've worn ear muffs too. :P While I was taking pictures of the scenery, the wind was so strong that I actually got a little off balanced and had to hold on to the railings of something (I forgot what it's called, sorry). We ordered the Capriccioso Pizza and of course, a bucket of San Mig Light. Feast your eyes on the pizza. Jeez, do you now know how much I love pizza? :P

***Most of the pictures are blurry because my hands were shaking while I was snapping away. :P***

Thin crust pizza, of course. The pizza wasn't in any way oily but it could also be very well due to the weather. Plus you can taste everything on the pizza.

This wasn't my pizza. That's the spicy green hot sauce, I forgot what it's called though. He put a lot on his pizza to help him keep warm. Haha!

Someone's canine friend. He was so obedient and even though he was big, he seemed such a darling but only to his owner. :P

View from Carlo's Pizza. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see a light blue thingie on the left side of the picture. Someone told us it was actually the wind causing waves on that part of the beach. Interesting. :)

I think this was in Laguna or somewhere before reaching Tagaytay proper.

This is Putong Beach, somewhere in Lemery, Batangas, where the meeting was held. Since I'm not really part of NuSkin, I decided to walk around and did a little boating too. It felt weird though because the whole time I was strolling, I knew their eyes were on me and they knew I wasn't from there. It could very well be due to the fact that I was wearing a long-sleeved polo, jeans, and wedges! Haha! :P C'mon, we didn't plan on swimming anyway.

Ang Bato (The Rock)

I rode on that yellow boat. :P

After we had lunch, I took pictures and much to my surprise, this kid stood right in front of the camera and posed as I took one shot. And yeah, his tiny weeny was captured but I just covered it with something red. And if look closely, those men were smiling too. Haha! :P

The boatman. S'funny because he suddenly asked if I was an actress simply because my skin is lighter than theirs. Haha! :P

He said these are corals but for goodness' sake, all I saw were rocks.

On our way home, we stopped by Rowena's to buy a few treats. I only bought their yema balls which I no longer have a picture of because there's nothing left for me to take pictures of. It was so smooth and creamy and yummy but the coating was too sweet for my liking.

Overall, I had fun but I was already sick (and I still am) when I got home probably because of how darn cold it was that day. I would really love to have another roadtrip again and I swear I'll bring a jacket with me. :P

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Nice to know you had a good time (well, minus the colds). We frequent Sonya's for salads and some canteen for bulalo soup when going to Tagaytay :) Will try Carlo's some other time.

  2. Arg, you should. I love love their pizza. :P

  3. BF and I went to tagaytay last year and loved the ambiance of carlos pizza. I sooo love their formaggi pizza.

  4. Kitten, now that's something I should try next. :P

  5. Carlo's Pizza has officially been added to my list. :) I usually eat at the mozerella burger place there in Tagaytay!

  6. Michelle, where can I find that mozzarella burger place? :P

  7. i love food posts!!! x) the pizza looks so delicious pammy that i had to look for food at 3:15am. and am back commenting at 3:58 AM:p

  8. Pammy, you're making me miss the PI. I really enjoyed this post.

    p.s. now I want some yema balls haha!

  9. Hmm, I told ya it would be great to start a food blog already, haha! :P

    I can imagine how cold you were, here in Bulacan you'll get a cold and probably cough if you don't wear a jacket at night, I'd imagine it would be 3 or 5x colder in Tagaytay!

    The pizza looks yummy! Your friend drowned himself with the sauce though. Hehe. :)

    BTW, the actress story was funny and had me smiling silly :D

  10. the pizza looks super yummy especially with the green sauce hehe.

    btw, i have a new contest/giveaway on my blog if you're interested.

  11. awe, I miss the Philippines. I would have thought you were an actress too. you're so gorgeous!

  12. Sugar, I can't believe I got you looking for food at 3:15am. :P

    Becky, go visit the PI. And maybe us bloggers can have a pig out session somewhere in the province, away from the city. :P

    Madz, I'm not sure if I can maintain a food blog. I have to go easy on the tummy and easy on the wallet. Haha! But I love making beauty bloggers hungry. :P Yeah, t'was super duper cold that day and was told it was also really cold in Manila on that day. Talk about luck. :/ It gave me the impression that you if you go there and you are fair, that instantly makes you an actress. Gotta love those places. Haha! :P

    Fruity Lashes, I love spoicy stuff but I didn't dare try that sauce simply because it's green. :P

    My-My, have a vacay here and we'll all pig out. I always imagined it would be nice to be the antagonist in tv or movies. Haha! :P

  13. Looks like you had major fun! the boy with the exposed tushy made me laugh. Looking at your pics makes me miss the beach even more. And gosh i missed out on the Chanel compact powder review and it looks like a dream to try:-)

  14. Mina, that little boy really made me laugh too when I first saw it. That Chanel compact is really nice too. :P


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