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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dupe Alert: CD Diorblush Passion Fruit and Shiseido Majolica Majorca RD255

I just discovered something and I don't know if I should jump with joy or pout all day. When I was debating on whether or not I should swatch the Guerlain blush I got yesterday, I decided to just swatch the others because I really can't bring myself to touch it. I was waiting for my family to get back so I can leave and run to Guerlain again so I played with some of the blushes. And then, I got confused between these two blushes - CD Diorblush in Passion Fruit and Shiseido Majolica Majorca - because they look awfully similar. Furthermore, I decided to take pictures of the two blushes and their respective swatches and yes, they look so much alike.

The blushes up close.


A closer look.

Now please tell me, do they really look the same or do I simply need to wear glasses again? Haha! If I am right about these two, then those who want Diorblush Passion Fruit at a fraction of the price should try Majolica Majorca RD255. If not, then go for the real deal. :)

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. where did you get MJ pammy? :o i think MJ's a little pinker than diorblush passion fruit while passion fruit seems to be more pigmented. now tell us if the consistency is the same and compare the staying power of the blushes. if it's same for the both blushes... :O go for MJ everyone!

  2. oh my!
    They do look almost the same!

    how about the lasting power,hun?
    which is better?

    MM always have good products but something that is comparable to! that's even better than what i expected!

  3. they look very similar nga. i'm curious about the lasting power too :)

  4. sugar, I got it from a pre-order. And guess what, it's around 500 bucks! Not bad, right? :P You do have a keen eye. I really should wear glasses again. Haha! MM has more pink indeed. As for the staying power, they are almost the same. Dior stays on just a bit longer though. :P

    Thia, yeah! Regarding the lasting power, it's Dior just by a point or two. :P Go get Majo products! Haha! :P

    Crystal, yep. Dior scored a point higher though but pretty much the same. :P

  5. They really do seem to look the same at first glance and I had to zoom my phone to see the difference. It's a good dupe Pammy and your still safe from wearing glasses.

    I totally agree that it's heartbreaking to swatch a blush as beautiful as Guerlain haha, just close your eyes na Lang haha:-)

  6. Mina, I really can't bring myself to touch it. Haha! :P

  7. Dior just duped you, Pam. They look perfectly alike!

  8. wow great dupe! i always get excited when i find a cheap dupe for an expensive product too hehe

    nope i have yet to receive your package :/

  9. Hi Pammy! I agree with you both blushes look the same, what a great dupe find. In general I like Majolica Majorca blushes anyway. They have great pigmentation and are cheap. I also love how small they are, I can easily throw them in my purse for touch-ups.

  10. Oh my gosh, that's not right! I just ordered Cle de Peau Beaute from that link; I hope it's real! It better be, it's so expensive...

  11. Good job finding a dupe! I get excited when this happens. So when I run out of one, I can always turn to the other one.

  12. Hey girl!! I dont know, it seems to me like the Dior blush is a bit more coralish?? I love both though!!
    Im sorry that happened! UGGG
    I do feel like the Mint Queen too, I love everything mint!! LOL
    Happy Tuesday!!


  13. Amy, it's really exciting to find a dupe but not on your stash. Haha! Oh no, I wonder where it is now. Sent it before Christmas. :(

    Dianne, true, Majo Majo bluses are inexpensive but great products. Not to mention they have cute packaging too. :P

    My-My, I agree, I agree! :P

    Angela, yeah. The Majo Majo one has more pink while Diorblush has less pink and is more peachy-coral.

  14. great find!
    too bad I don't have any of those brands. I'm a big fan of drugstore makeup...hehe

  15. Hollie, Majo Majo is one of Shiseido's drugstore brands. :P


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