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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Product Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

If I were made to choose just one product or makeup I will forever use on my eyes, I will pick mascara in a heartbeat. I love how it instantly opens up the eyes and makes batting the lashes so much better. I have tried just a few and liked most of them, my favorites being Clinique Lash Power Mascara and Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara. But since they have already expired, t'was time to throw them in the bin and try something else. Just like what I have mentioned on my Clinique Lash Power review, I don't know if I can bring myself to spend more or less than a thousand bucks just for a single tube of mascara, so I decided to try something new which is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I got the waterproof variant because I have not checked out reviews about it yet only to find out when I checked MUA that the non-waterproof variant is better. But heck, I already have it so I had no choice but to just use it. I didn't want to go back to the mall just to have it exchanged as I might end up going home with a few more things. :P

The brush reminds me of the brush in Cover Girl Lash Blast. It's bulky and big and made of rubber.

This mascara does a pretty good job at separating and lengthening my lashes. As for volumizing, I really do not see any difference but I can say that my lashes look better. I like the fact that I can apply 2-3 coats without any clumping. It makes a lot of difference without looking unnatural, which is quite against its being the False Lash Effect mascara. It doesn't look as if I have false eyelashes on which is okay with me since I'm all for the natural look. Basically if you want dramatic lashes, this is not the mascara for you. But if you like "my-lashes-but-better" that still looks natural, you may want to consider trying this one. As I have mentioned earlier, I got the waterproof variant. 

When I went out last Monday, I had this mascara on for 12 hours. On the 7th hour, I noticed a little smudging on my under eyes and I had nothing else on my eyes other than this one. so it may be waterproof but definitely not oil and sweat proof. But hey, 7 hours isn't bad. 

A lot of those who reviewed this in MUA complained about the difficulty in removing this mascara but I honestly do not have any problems with it. I just use Celeteque Cleansing Oil and all the mascara's gone plus my cleanser is very effective in removing makeup. So I guess the ease or difficulty of removing it depends on what you use to remove your makeup. 

Overall, a really nice mascara that is worth trying but I still prefer Clinique over this one. I realized that I could've gotten myself a tube of that mascara since this one does not come in cheap, being priced at Php695. But then I got another one from a different brand so I guess it's all good. If I were to repurchase this mascara, it would have to be the non-waterproof variant which has waaay better reviews than this one.

Uncurled lashes without mascara

Curled with mascara

Have you tried this mascara?

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Great review!!
    It does make your eyelashes seem longer Pammy! :) A friend taught me to layer a lengthening and a volumizing mascara to achieve a false eyelash effect but I'm just too lazy to do that so I just use false eyelashes when the need to arises LOL!!

  2. my sorority sister was raving about this and let me tried it.. nice nga.. but i love drier formula of mascaras mas nag eeffect sa akin..hehe it looks nice on you pammy

  3. i like how it looks on you!it gives you a nice natural effect w/out weighing them down or looking clumpy!

  4. Thanks, girls. It's really a nice mascara that will give you a "my lashes but better" look for a while. :)

  5. Wow sis! Your lashes are going up up to the sky!!!! ang ganda! :)

  6. Nikki, sky high at first then nagiging natural curl na. :P

  7. Will definitely try this! I LOVE mascaras too! Love your reviews! :D

  8. sweet! glad you got your hands on a good mascara :)

  9. Suits you very well Pammy...
    great review!!!
    Btw, I have an award waiting for you...check it out!!

  10. i will dry this one too! hey! you've been awarded! The Versatile Blogger Award! its on my blog dear!

  11. Michelle, let me know when you get to try it. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks! :P

    Argie, you gotta try this. :P

    Ayieh, thanks for the award. :P

    The-Beauty_Addict, I hope you'll like it when you get to try it. Thanks for the award. :P

  12. great product :) your lashes seem longer. I used to love waterproof mascaras but it's kind of hard removing it.

  13. Nadine, yeah. It can sometimes be a pain to remove them. :P


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