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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Product Review: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eye Liner in Black

I love it when I find an inexpensive product that delivers (yeah, it's the cheapskate in me) but since I've been on a high end kick lately, I have forgotten about reviewing this product. I have to be honest when I say I wasn't that eager to try this product because I'm so far satisfied with yet another drugstore product which is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. And even though I have not used it much lately since I'm too lazy to apply eyeliner, it still remains a favorite. After reading several reviews about it, I gave in and purchased one for myself, together with what was supposed to be a gift for Chel but my nieces and nephews found it, played with it, and eventually ruined it. :( I have only used it a couple of times but there was something about it that made me realize I have to give it a review right away.

This liner is in a weird UFO-like packaging. I am honestly not digging it. But with a little over a hundred bucks (less than $3), who am I to complain, right?

I was like "What the heck" when I first opened it and saw the black thingies (see picture below) and thought it was not appealing at all. I initially thought it was also liner but it wasn't. And when I searched for further reviews, all the pots have that black thingie. But then I purchased it for the product and not for the packaging so I just shrugged it off. Now when I first tried it using the flimsy brush included which I deemed useless and crappy, I was able to create a very thick line that screamed "I have gel liner on my eyes!" so I tried using a different liner brush which is thinner and it worked. But my initial impression of the liner was that it wasn't creamy as I hoped it would be. Maybe I got a bad apple but I'll never really know if I did. For some reason, I found it to be clumpy and I dunno why it did that even though I used a clean brush. It didn't apply smoothly and felt a bit dry. Even my Maybelline gel liner which I've had since May 2010 was creamier than this one. You can just imagine how glad I was when I finally managed to create a thin line that wasn't clumpy. Truth be told, the only thing about it that impressed me is that it didn't smudge and stayed for hours even though it was kinda humid that day. But that's it. I really wanted to like this product but I just can't bring myself to claim that I like it. I really don't. It was an utmost disappointment for me. I have used it only twice and for the love of me, it's already dry. I will try to salvage it by adding a few drops of eye drops on it which I have read in a forum but really, I'd rather add a few hundreds and get a product that won't dry on me after just two uses and won't be needing salvaging soon. I've had this for less than a month and I now need to save it and that is not funny at all. I guess you can now really tell how much I dislike this product. I know a lot of bloggers out there love it but I really can't imagine myself feeling that way about this product. That being said, I do not, in any way or by any circumstance, see myself repurchasing this product. I am very unhappy and disappointed with it.

Have you tried this product?

And oh, I would like to thank these lovely ladies - Sugar, My-My and Shaimaa for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award and to Nadine for the Versatile Blogger Award. I really appreciate it, girls. And please do check out their blogs, they're awesome.

And here are the seven boring facts about me :P :

1. I am allergic to nuts, cinnamon, seafood, dust, and lace and I also have skin asthma. To cut it short, I have maarte skin. Haha!

2. I love action, suspense, thriller, gory slasher flicks and comedy when it comes to movies.

3. I love Indian and Persian cuisine or anything spicy in as much as I love Italian and Mexican and American (like burgers and fries and philly cheese steak) cuisine. I would love to try Greek though.

4. I don't eat Kare-Kare. Veggies and peanut butter just don't make sense to me. Plus I am allergic to nuts too.

5. My right eye is smaller than my left eye because when I had Bell's Palsy last summer of 2008, it was badly affected when the right side of my face was paralyzed for a while. I also
have a  not so good eyesight yet I don't wear glasses. If I'm ordering at McDonald's, I can't read what's on the menu at the counter.

6.I hate the sun that's why I am not a beach person. I tan in as quick as 5 minutes but it takes years for my skin color to become lighter again. I'd rather go somewhere cold. And I blame the old school movie JAWS for making me scared of beaches. :P

7. I still love watching WWE even though I already know it's just acting on most parts. I've always had this huge crush on Shawn Michaels. :P I remember believing that Ultimate Warrior died when Andre the Giant landed on top of him. Haha!

I told you.... B-O-R-I-N-G! Haha! :P I'm giving these awards to everyone in the blogsphere who take a moment out of their busy lives blogging and sharing stuff to rest of the world.

Happy Wednesday againm super awesome peeps! :P


  1. You are definitely far from boring! i always get amused reading your makeup posts and the raw honesty that comes with it haha! Sometime i feel as if i'm reading my own thoughts.It sucks when liners like these easily dry! I also prefer cooler places :-)

  2. I've heard good things about this from YouTubers! Glad to hear a fellow blogger's thoughts!

  3. WWE? Really? Wow! You are NOT A BORING GIRL OK?? You are the BLUSH WHORE remember? and if you want your life to be less boring, you just have to go to the malls again and I already have the guards waiting for you para i posas ka :P

    It's nice to know more of you!

  4. Mina, could you be my long lost sister from another mother and father? Haha! For the lack of something to say. :P

    Michelle, I feel like I'm part of the minority who doesn't like it. :P

    Nikki, nooo! No cuffs, please. People might think I'm a terrorist or a shoplifter. Haha! :P

  5. You like scary gory movies? SO NOT BORING! BRAVE is the real description! You definitely deserve the blog award. because You are so nice and kind.

  6. My-My, yeah! I love scaring myself and covering my eyes and taking peeks every now and then when I know the killer will attack. Haha! :P Aww, thank you dear. :)

  7. Pammy I love action, suspense & gory flicks too. Love the movies of Anthony Hopkins esp the Hannibal trilogy :)

  8. Charry, I love those movies! Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, and Red Dragon. Super awesome movies! :P

  9. OMG Pammy! We can definitely be good friends! I also don't like the beach LOL! xD

    And thanks for your review. I am now thinking of not picking up this gel liner that everyone was raving about. :)

  10. Sugar, I also think we can be good friends but please don't ever wear heels when we're together. Haha! Maybe you can try it first at WnW counters and see if it's good for your liking? Maybe I also got a bad apple. :P

  11. crush ko rin si Shawn Michaels nun! wahaha

    nice review Pammy! I have the purple one and it dried out after 2 months, pero good thing na save ko pa when I mixed it with a little bit of baby oil.

  12. Kim, I dunno but I think that he will always be hot. Except na siguro pag lolo na sya. Haha! I'll try to salvage it later. :P

  13. peanut is good on like thai meat skewers but peanut sauce on food in general that is a "hmm". and lol I'm not a beach type person either, prob cuz the asian side is telling me not to tan and stay pale as possible or something LOL and NO YOU ARE NOT BORING!

  14. Juliepop, funny how lotsa Asians want to be pale as pale can be while others want to be tan. Glad to know I'm not the only one who don't get peanut sauce in food. :P


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