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Monday, January 17, 2011

Product Review: Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel in 105 Brunette

They say all good things come to an end. I had to break it up and call it quits because I was no longer happy. Last year, I fell in love with ELF Studio Line Eyebrow Kit in Light but it's over now. I am happy with something else. Every stroke I make makes me fall in love with it even more. Allow me to introduce the one I am now in love with - Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel in 105 Brunette. I can't believe I started this post with such lines. Haha! But kidding aside, I really love this product. :)

I thought it would be the ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit and me forever but boy, I was wrong. I never knew I could find a better one with Revlon. It's a brand I have not been paying much attention to because first of all, it is overpriced here. I'm better off with adding just a few more bucks and I get a mid-high end product. And after my back to back disappointment with their products (see Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Foundation and Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rant), I never thought I would ever love their products. And now I find myself raving about one of their products.

First of all, this dual ended product comes with an eyebrow pencil and a gel. The pencil is by far the easiest brow product I have ever used. It's so easy to work with. It's not so hard and not too soft either. The texture and consistency of the product is just right to fill in my brows. I never knew using a pencil can be this good. The gel, on the other hand, is used to add tint while setting the eyebrow makeup. It keeps everything in place without looking too dramatic or overdone - it still looks natural.

It's also a plus that it lasts for hours on my brows and touch ups isn't necessary unless I am a rock star screaming my lungs out on the stage with all the lights focused on my face, just my face, then run a thousand miles right after the concert, trying so hard to get away from the groupies. What I love the most about these products is that both can be used on their own. It's actually up to you if you want to use both products in tandem or if you want to use them individually. I have tried both and they work. The brow gel has this funny scent but nothing that is overwhelming. The pencil is actually short but since this product has a shelf life of 6 months as indicated on the cardboard packaging and on the tube itself, I think the length is just right for that period.

It also doesn't come with a sharpener but I really don't care that it doesn't. I mean I can't imagine anyone who loves makeup who does not have any cosmetic sharpener in their stash. It is kinda expensive for a brow product which is good for only half a year as it costs Php575 but the ease of using it and the end result is something that I think justifies its price. I still don't agree with the jacked up mark up by SM or whoever the distributors are though. :P

Overall, I truly love this product and would recommend it to anyone. Newbies will also find this not so difficult to use - that's just how confident I am with this product and hopefully, it won't fail me on whoever decides to try it because I raved about it. Oh, I got this on sale and 10% off was slashed from Php575 so I only paid Php517.50 for this. In fact, I immediately loved it when I first tried it that I bought a back up of this the following day while it was still on sale.

To show you the difference it made, here's how my eyebrows look like without any brow makeup on. Sparse and all over the place.

After using Revlon Brow Fantasy. Oh, it was just the pencil I used here. No gel at all.

I'm pretty sure you will agree with me when I say that my brows looked better after I let it works its magic. More groomed and defined.

So have you tried this product? What's your favorite eyebrow product?

Happy Manic Monday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I've been wanting to take better care of my brows so I've been looking for brow products to try. Maybe I'll look at the ELF one too since I love ELF! Thanks for the review!


  2. Royan, ELF is a good one. It's just that I find this one easier to work with. Hope you'll like ELF when you get one. :)

  3. Can you maybe do like tips on how to do your eyebrows? :D I always end up making mine too boxy! :)

  4. Michelle, I would really love to but I am still working on how to do my brows better. I sometimes end up with really thick and yeah, boxy brows too. Once I get better at it, I will definitely do that. :P

  5. Oh okay! :)Definitely looking forward to that! Thanks! :)

  6. *Drools at the gel end* I want one! Hahaha. Mala-browset pala :D I'm no good with pencils and i think im better of with brow mascaras/gels.

    I have to agree that Revlon stuff are too steep here.

  7. Argie, I was never good with pencils but this one is soooo easy to use. I'll let you try when we meet. :P

  8. It's great! I love how it looks on you. I've always been curious of the Revlon brow pencil :)

  9. Jen, you may want to try this too! It's a good product. :P

  10. Pammy!!! I am actually using two products for my brows now LOL! It looks natural yet it does enhance your eyebrows. :) It kind of reminds me of the products that I am using hmmm... :)

    I have recently have learned how to do my brows because my eyebrows are naturally thick haha! >o<" I didnt feel the need to do my brows before but foundie washes out the color... So yeah... Still looking for the perfect eyebrow product LOL!

    Anyway, FTW ang cheesy na opening LOL!!!! x)

  11. I want to give this a try but I told myself I have to finish my Korean eyebrow purchases!!! :) This looks great! Your brows look very natural!

  12. thank you for reviewing this! me, i still have a lot of brow products so i won't be picking this up for now.

  13. will definitely gonna try this one! :) great review! :)

  14. Sugar, I wonder what those 2 products are! Maybe you can try using this one too? Oh yeah, keso kung keso. :P

    Nikki, try this, pretty pretty please? But I've seen those Korean eyebrow stuff and they look really great. :P

    Crystal, when you run outta brow products, keep this one in mind, please. Haha! :P

    The Beauty-Addict, yes, please! You gotta try this. :P

    Now I'm thinking maybe Revlon should pay me for telling you guys to PLEASE try this product. Haha! Kidding. :P

  15. I also loved brow fantasy to bits, used to have that but ubos na...i'll save up for it tho cuz the price is a bit steep.

  16. Ayieh, wait for Revlon's sale! You'll save a few bucks or maybe check out every once in a while. :)

  17. Pammy! Great review! I'm loving styli style's brow wax + ever bilena eyepencil combo though!


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