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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara

As I've previously mentioned, I am on a mascara phase lately. I think I have bought 4 tubes of mascaras over the past couple of weeks and I have just recently bought another 2 off eBay. I started to like mascaras as I notice the big difference it makes when I use one and when I don't. It instantly opens up my eyes and they look better with mascara and eyeliner on. I will do a review on all my mascaras soon but this one is worth the very first review. It would've been Fasio 3D Airtech but sadly, Rustan's stopped carrying the brand so I had to settle for what's locally available. But then this one is not available on all the Maybelline counters here, except for Duty Free. I think they have this, I'm just not sure if they still do. Going back, I am reviewing Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Brown/Brownish Black.

What I like:
- It makes my lashes thicker and longer plus it adds a little volume to my lashes. Well, I'm not talking about super volume but more definition rather. My lashes are not short and are naturally curled to begin with but I like how it enhances my lashes.
- It is easy to remove. I can even use wet wipes to take the mascara off my lashes.
- The big, chunky brush helps separate the lashes.
- It holds the curl and stays put for hours without smudging and giving me raccoon eyes, given that this is the non-waterproof version.
- The volume-plumping formula contains collagen.
- No clumping even after 3 coats.
- The packaging is cute and so retro-ish for me.
- The price. This drugstore mascara works! I don't want to invest and pay a lot for something I need to ditch in 3 months so for the price and quality of this product, I am sold.

What I don't like:
- The rose scent of the collagen. I had to stay in front of the fan for a few minutes just to get rid of the scent.
- Not locally available. I just scored this on eBay.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 (I took .5 off the overall rating as I don't really dig the scent. It once gave me a headache.
Will I buy again? Definitely! I actually just bought another tube of this mascara as a back up.

See the chubby brush?

No mascara, just curled lashes.

With one coat of The Colossal.

Another shot.

A farther shot.

P.S. Sorry for the scar on my right eyebrow. I had stitches when I was a kid, I forgot to conceal it. And I know I have lines on my undereye. :(

Anyway, I will review another mascara this week. :)


  1. ganda ng mascaras ng maybelline huh..i want lengthens talaga...i need volumizing din

  2. si martha loves this also. too bad it's not locally available.

  3. Too bad this didnt work for me. I found that it clumped and flaked within a 1 or 2 hours after application :/

  4. ohh purrty lashes ^_^

    yay ang mura nya pala sa ebay!!!

    thanks for the review sis pammy =)

  5. wow the brush is indeed huge, reminded me of the Cover girl one, but your lashes after the mascara is really pretty!

  6. Crystal, an seller sells this at a cheap price. :P

    Sush, sorry to hear that this didn't work for you. :(

    Au, sure. Bid ka na. :P

    Nikki, the brush looks like CG Lash Blast's nnga. :P

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. parang nakita ko to sa mall! not sure though basta parang same packaging ng syo.. black and yellow pero uncarded. i can really see the difference sa lashes mo pammy.. =) will try this one after magamit ko yung hypercurl mascara ko..

  9. i saw this before sa ebay, kaso im hesitant to buy because of the color (brownish black) but after seeing it on you looks like it's all black after all. I guess im gonna try on those. btw my favorite mascara is maybelline xxl. :)

  10. Khymm, it's yellow and purple. My cam's such a loser. :P I like hypercurl too. :)

    Bea, go try it. It's not the super dark black but it's still black. :P


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