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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Product Review: Rimmel London Blushes - Apricot, Berry, & Sienna

Today, I am going to review Rimmel blushes. I only have 3 shades though - Apricot, Berry, & Sienna. I first had Apricot and found it really nice, better than Maybelline blushes in my opinion, so Apricot was followed by Sienna and the latest one is Berry. I'll let you know why I bought one after the other.

But first, let me show you some photos though I was not able to capture the true colour of the blushes. I'm telling you, these photos do not give justice to the blushes as they are prettier in real life. I'll just let the swatches speak for themselves. :P

Individual Description (in my eyes):
1. Apricot - A peachy-orange blush with shimmer that gives you a very healthy glow when applied right.
2. Berry - Not in any way a berry shade for me. When I see berry, I think of NARS Crazed and other shades in that colour family. This is somewhat a rosy mauve with a hint of pink in it.
3. Sienna - A pale rose-pink shade.

What I like:
- The price. You get value for money as this has good quality, IMO.
- Colour is buildable. It goes on sheer but can be layered for more dramatic cheeks.
- Unscented. My nose loves it. :P
- Has very fine shimmers that goes unnoticeable on your skin after some time.
- Lasting power is pretty decent. 2-3 hours on my oily skin, not so bad at all.
- Pigmentation is just right. Not as pigmented as NARS blushes but not as sheer as other drugstore blushes.
- Contains 5g of product and for PHP65, that's awesome.

What I don't like:
- The fact that it is not locally available and have to search online to find one.
- The compact is quite hard to work with. I ended up scratching a small portion of Apricot with my nail when I first opened it. I now have to be extra careful in opening it and it is such a pain.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Will I buy again? Yes, but only if there is a shade I like. I am eye-ing Santa Rose. :P


Top - Bottom: Berry, Apricot, Sienna

These are now officially my favorite drugstore blushes! :P


  1. very shimmery, I have a feeling it'll look great on cheeks! :)

  2. if 2-3 hours sa yo yan baka 1 hour lang sakin! haha.

  3. Nikki, they really look pretty on the cheeks. :P

    Crystal, bonggang oiliness ko, baka okay din sayo to. :P

  4. "I only have 3 shades though - Apricot, Berry, & Sienna. "

    girl for me madami na ang 3 blushes haha =p i only have two ^.^ I should get into the blush phase soon!

  5. Chelle, there's no turning back when you get there. :P

  6. oh my! haha this are the exact shades that I have haha :) theyre so nice noh

  7. Sush, really? That's funny. Yes, they are all nice. :P I am lemming for Santa Rose.

  8. ang ganda! where to buy? =) the packaging reminds me of Loreal's blush delice. meron din shang mirror?

  9. Khymm, I got these on eBay. Nope, the packaging is super minimalist. It doesn't come with mirrors and brushes. :)

  10. Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.


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