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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blush: SanSan Krisanne Coral Collection Shimmer Blush - Sunrise Walk

I met up with my mom at the grocery earlier and she is such a slowpoke that I had to walk around the mall for more than an hour waiting for her to get there. Hehe. I saw an HBC branch. I don't really like HBC stores to be honest, I don't know why. I really don't feel comfortable entering their stores for some reason so earlier was like the 3rd time I've ever gone inside their store. So I was just checking out the products and something caught my eye. The turquoise-colored box is really cute so I checked out what's inside and to my surprise, it is a really pretty blush which reminds me of Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush. Here it is. :P

I promise it is prettier than what you see on the pictures! There are three colors on one compact. Peach, pink, and gold. I never really expected to see something gorgeous at HBC. I usually ignore Sansan products but this is a really great find. It has subtle and very fine shimmers in it and it is really pretty. The best part is that I got it on sale for PHP145! Great, eh?


I don't use brushes that come with blushes but this one is really cute.

See? It can be folded to make it a small angled blush brush. I can't stop looking at it because I can't believe this gorgeous thing is really cheap yet uh, gorgeous? :P

Anyway, I'll post the stuff inside the package I claimed at the PO and the recent buys before I once again go into a no-buy mode. :P

I hope you're all having a great week. I don't have work today (yey! I hate manic Mondays) and tomorrow! :P I will have work for only 3 days this week. :P


  1. Hi sis! I've been eyeing that but always thought that since my skin is oily it wouldn't suit me. But now I'm no longer that oily so I'm considering getting that.

    Swatch please/actual pic please? :)

  2. you're right!
    this is a very pretty blush

    i might check out HBC because of this

    what a great find!

  3. wow yes, cheap gorgeous! What a great combination! I haven't tried their makeup, I've tried their polish!

  4. I saw that too ! ;)
    But I didn't buy it.
    I think it's too shimmery for me.

  5. Chrissy, it's not that shimmery when applied. :P Swatch added but it doesn't seem to help that much. Will upload a better shot tomorrow.

    Thiamere, get one na. It is really pretty. :)

    Nikki, this is my first ever SanSan make up. My friend likes their make up so I hope I won't have a bad experience with this one. :)

    Trizh, it's not as shimmery as it looks like. I have oily skin too and I think this will look good on you. The peach-pink shades are kinda matte with vewry little shimmer and the gold one has very fine shimmer, which I think is good as a higlighter. :)

  6. ive seen this one too but i didnt like the packaging so i gave it a miss..

    hmn.. imma check it out soon, your review made me change my mind. :P

  7. nice!!! i want to go to hbc to check this out.. :D

  8. makeupjunkie, about the packaging, the color attracted me thought I have to admit it kinda looks cheap but when I saw what's inside, I was sold. :P

    Donna, yes! I hope you'll like it. :P

  9. lovely color! and the brush is sooo cute! i want to go to HBC now to get one! haha.. is it soft?

  10. thats a nice find pammy!! i havent had anything from san san yet :) but i would love to give this a try.

  11. been intrigued with their line but haven't really explored that curiosity yet. like you, am also afraid to go in HBC hehe parang nothing looks nice in there. no offence to HBC lovers out there! peace. hehe.

  12. Khymm, it is a really pretty blush. And the brush is soft but I think it'll be hard to work with as it's kinda flimsy. :P

    Cha, I think this shade will suit you. The other one is pink and is kinda light. :P

    Meann (did I spell it right?), I know exactly what you mean. :P But this one is really nice. :P


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