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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Product Review: Alba Botanica TerraTints - Blaze & Bloom

As most of you know by now, I also love tinted lip balms next to blushes. I want something that moisturizes my lips while adding a hint of color so I don't have to wear lipsticks at all. I have tried a couple of brands but my HG so far is MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Gentle Coral which I have reviewed a couple of weeks back. Now, I am going to review Alba Botanica TerraTints. I only have 2 shades - Blaze and Bloom.

What I like:
- Both are pigmented and you get a lot of color with just one swipe.
- The price. If I remember it right, each tube costs PHP135 or PHP139.
- Locally available at Healthy Options.
- Has a minty feel to it which led me to believe that it is moisturizing and hydrating my lips as well.

What I don't like:
- I feel it is not as moisturizing as it should be. My lips feel a bit dry after an hour upon application.
- I don't dig the minty scent which reminds me of Chapstick Mint which I never liked. Blech!
- It doesn't feel smooth while gliding on my lips.

Overall rating: 3/5
Will I buy again? No. I am happy with my MAC TLC. I am off to try a different TLC shade.

The swatches:

These are good for on the go-touch ups like if you don't have time to check yourself out in the mirror. But I am mastering the art of applying TLC without the mirror so I am cool with it.

I hope you're all having a great week so far. :P


  1. though its not moisturizing enough based on your review, at least the shades look wonderful!!! ganda!

  2. Yeah, Nikki. They're pretty though I don't use them alone. I layer them over petroleum jelly. :P

  3. the shades you got looks nice! san mo nabili pammy? =)

  4. i like the color of the pink shade :) is that the bloom one?

    hmm im excited to try mac TLC na! hahaha. im waiting for my package. i got it for swap sa gtalk hihi

  5. Khymm, it's available at Healthy Options.

    Cha, which shade did you get? Is it popster or pink fish? :P Yep, that's the bloom one.

  6. Hi sis. How are you? It has been a long time since I visited your blog. :)

    I haven't tried those tinted balms yet but I think their shades look great. Sad to know that they're not really effective in moisturizing the lips.

  7. Golden, I miss you. :P

    Yeah, they are pretty but not moisturizing enough. :(

  8. i want popster pero pinkfish lang meron :( hehe. pero im happy naman with pink fish. hehe

    mali ata na nakipag swap ako ng TLC kasi ngayon i want more!! haha :p

  9. hala ka! haha! ako din, i want a different shade pero after maubos na ni gentle coral. ;D

  10. Pammy dear, we have the same HG : Gentle Coral..very MLBB kasi noh..

    Like you i still try other lip balms.. I always end going back to my TLC.. hehe

  11. Kay! Me too, I always end up going back to TLC. :P

  12. Anonymous, I'm not really sure. Around 4 or 5 yata nakikita ko at Healthy Options.


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