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Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Make Up + Eyeshadow Attempt

I am excited to share the latest stuff I have purchased and received over the past couple of weeks. First, let me start with the Christmas gifts I have received from 2 BI Squad girls from Girltalk.

Quoting Martha, the BI Squad is a group of hopeless spendaholics who can't get enough of make- up even though they tell themselves that they already have more than enough. Much worse, their disease rubs on everyone else in Girltalk!:p

These are from Lelila and BabyjapnurseRN.

The heart-shaped box is from japjap and it is filled with fillers. I didn't know there were fillers inside so when I opened it, I was sitting right in front of the terminator fan and all of them were blown on my face. It was like snow. Hehe. The one with the cute green wrapper is from Sol. Both had sweet notes which I won't show here.

The contents:
- NYX Rouge Creme Blush in Glow
- NYX Frappucino
- Prestige Perfectly Matte Translucent Powder
- a cute little Hello Kitty charm

From Japjap

From Sol

One evening last week, I was ranting at girltalk about the scent of my NYX Frappucino. I thought it smelt plastic-y and hair perming solution-like so we assumed what I received is an old stock. And that's why I received a NYX Frappucino from Sol. But then that's how NYX lippies smell like. And everyone else thought it was a soapy scent. So after realizing that all NYX lippies smell that way, I went ahead and ordered a NYX lipstick from Sol. I got Tea Rose.

It's so pretty though it is not really an MLBB for me. I find it a little too pink but I like it. I am going to order another one pretty soon - B52.

So here are all the make up stuff I got and bought at the start of 2010.

There are 2 blushes I got - Rimmel Apricot blush and Beauty Trends Blush Duo.

The swatches:
Left: NYX Tea Rose
Top to Bottom: NYX Rogue Creme Blush in Glow, Rimmel Apricot Blush, Beauty Trends Blush Duo

Anyway, there are 2 nearby branches of Watson's in our place so I decided to pay one branch a visit. There is also an HBC store a couple of steps aways from Watson's so I dropped by as well though I never really go to HBC. I went home with these.

I am not really sure why I purchased the Hortaleza Pearl Soap as I have never tried any of their products but I couldn't resist the "Pearl" label so I grabbed one.

And when I got home, I washed my face and it seems promising though I am quite iffy about the scent.We'll see if that will fit as an effective yet inexpensive product. The skinwhite face cream powder is nice. :P Then I made an attempt to apply eyeshadow. I used my Milani Glimmer Stripes in Berry Glimmer. Here is my poor attempt as someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow.

Pardon the undereye.

I couldn't capture the true colour but I promise the colours look pretty that even our helper said it looks pretty when she saw it. But I am still a beginner when it comes to applying e/s on my own eyes. I can very well appy e/s on other people but on me, I am just plain hopeless. Gah!

The stuff I used on my face:
I used NYX Tea Rose on the lips.

By the way, whaddaya think of this earring?

Ta! ;)


  1. wow! ang swerte!

    hindi ako naambunan ng swerte na yan pammy! haha!

  2. That's a nice neutral color on your peepers pammy! ^.^ tried capturing eye shadow photos last night too but don't you just hate cameras that can't capture the real color? =p

  3. wow sis :) lots of new makeup! :)
    yey for your EOTD! yan din ang problema ko minsan :( hindi makuha ng camera yung colors.. hehe

    eye makeups can be tricky but its easy to learn naman :)im sure you'll be very good at it in no time!

    the earring is nice sis, like the color! :)

  4. what a nice way to open the year!
    adding more makeup on your collection..yay for that!

    i think the earrings look cute!

    hope you'll have a great week ahead

  5. I like your earrings, Pammy. It has this vintage-y feel to it. And who doesn't love makeups? I just did my first haul for the year :) haha!

  6. I think the pink eyeshadow looks great on you.:)

  7. Hi there! I'm a French Canadian living in Montreal and I really enjoy your blog, but I just want you to know that in French, you cannot say ''j'adore rougit''... it is grammatically incorrect. It's like saying ''I adore blushed''. Maybe you meant ''J'adore rougir'' which can translate to ''I adore blushing''

    Anyhow, no harm intended! Thank you for giving us so many great reviews!



  8. Nikki, yey for more make up! :P

    Jing, you're quite lucky with your sis. ;)

    Chelle, it's supposed to be pinks and berries but the camera didn't do its job well. :(

    Teeyah, I like it too! :P

    Thiamere, have a great week ahead of you. I like the earrings a lot. :P

    Tish, that's what I thought about the earrings too. :)

    Soapaholic, thanks! I like your NARS haul, by the way. :P

    Hi Laury, thanks for letting me know about it. But I asked a friend who studied French and a former colleague who is also Canadian and speaks French and they both told me it is alright to say j'adore rougit for "I love blushes". I can even say je vous aime rougit but it is longer. Thanks! ;)

  9. sis pammy,

    wow! gayahin kita sis... will wear eyeshadows more frequently na tlaga... practice2x lol... ang cute ng new blush duo mo... okay ba pigmentation sis?

  10. Thanks, Cha. I'll check it out. :P

    Purple Patch, okay naman pigmentation nila and they're cheap. ;)


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