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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What African Black Soap did to my face and the Superhero Soap

Upon reading good reviews about the African Black Soap, I bought myself a trial size so I won't waste money if in case that product doesn't work for me. I guess I made a good decision of not buying a bigger one.

Lemme show you how the soap looks like again. It looks like poo to me.

Now I'll show you what happened to my skin after using the soap for barely 2 days. It's disgusting and frustrating.

That's by far the worst state my skin has ever been in. Now I'm really glad I purchased another bar of the derma soap that has been rescuing me from all those occasional break outs or whenever my skin is acting up.

It's cheap as it costs only 75 bucks. I've cut a portion of the soap and it was able to salvage my skin. The spots aren't completely gone but at least they are on their way to going Houdini!

Here's an update after using my superhero soap twice.

My skin looks better now. :P I only used In2It Oil Control Powder Foundation. You can still see some spots but they're no longer as bad as they were last night. I am happy! :P

And another reason to be happy. I received the free J&J miniature lotion this morning.

And a PO notice. I am assuming that in the package is the sample kit from SkinMD that I will be reviewing pretty soon.

My mom will pick it up tomorrow. I am excited. Plus I will receive my loots which means more make up for me! :P

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :)


  1. awww kaya nakakatakot magtry ng kung ano ano buti na lang nandyan si super hero soap! over yung nangyari sa face mo ha! never again haha

  2. yikes! i'm sorry it didn't work for you :(

  3. wow, i think i need that wonder soap.

    i feel so excited too when i receive PO notices! your mum's such a sweetheart to be getting it for her baby damulag :P

  4. Im also done trying all these different soaps. Had a bad experience with the lulur bar and was actually eyeing the african black soap next. Hayyy my skin is so problematic I dont know what to do with it

  5. Ang hirap pag hindi hiyang sa sabon ='( But buti nalang you've found your superhero soap na...

  6. parang gusto ko ng soap na yan! yung superhero ha hindi african

  7. ganda ng superhero soap! to the rescue! :) wanna try it.. pero like you im scared na..

    glad your skin is getting better Pammy..

  8. aww hindi pala ok ang african black soap sayo sis :( good thing there's superhero soap to the rescue hehe.

  9. It's too bad that the black african soap had that effect on your skin, buti na lang you have a savior soap :) Your skin looks pretty flawless naman. I wish I'd get my PO notices na rin!

  10. Lel, so true. Never again. I'll stick with my superhero soap na lang. :P

    Crystal, yeah. I learned the hard way. :P

    Arg, the baby damulag made me laugh. :P Sayang, I should've included a sample of that superhero soap in your package. :P

    Caby, I have a sample of lulur bar but I haven't tried it yet. I think I'll just pass on it. I'm done with trying different soaps. It's the superhero soap for me na lang. :P

    Chelle, yep, superhero soap to the rescue. :P

    Malds, si superhero na lang, wag na si african. :P

    Kay, yeah, I'm scared na din to try different soaps. Thank you. :P

    Cha, oo nga eh. Dunno what to do with African na. I'll probably use it for my body na lang since no bad reactions naman unlike with my face. :P

    Ida, yebbah! Superhero soap to the rescue. :P You'll get your PO notices na. :P

  11. OMG
    katakot naman effects sa iyo ng african black soap!

    anywho, regarding the super hero soap, ano effect nya sa iyo beforE? nakakaputi ba talaga? :D

  12. K, di ko napansin if pumuti ba yung face ko since minsan ko lang sya ginagamit. But since NC30 is parang naging ng dark ng konti sakin, I assume pumuti ako even though I don't use it regularly.

  13. yikes! ive been wanting to try it pa naman din, thanks for the heads up. I think ill pass on that too hehe

  14. That African soap is really bad! Good thing that you were able to salvage your skin.

    Lots of love,

  15. Sush, I guess hiyangan lang talaga. It may work for you. ;P

    Golden, yep, I am glad I have a superhero soap. :P

  16. Hi...
    I also used the african soap....
    And sana, makabili or nakahanap din ako ng superhero soap....

  17. Hi, where can I buy that 'Superhero Soap'?

  18. Hi Anonymous. You can buy it on :)

  19. Hey there :) Could you please post the link where I can buy the superhero soap? I can't find it on Thanks!

  20. Hi! Here's the link


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