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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help! Greens or Purples?

Help me decide which one works better. Green eyeshadows or purple ones?



I exaggerated the winged line on my eyes. The purple one wasn't really done yet. Too bad I can't really capture the true color of the eyeshadows.

Whaddaya think? Any help or opinion will be much appreciated. I have a party to attend to and the dress code is all black so I want to sort of liven up my face with eyeshadow. Thanks! :P


  1. my favorite color is green.. but the purple looks better on you.. enjoy the party!

  2. I vote purple! :)

    Green shadows are my fave but the purple suits you better :)

  3. It's purple for everyone. Thanks, ladies. :P

  4. Thiamere, thanks.

    And I always thought green suits me best. :P Purple pala. Hehe.

  5. I think the purple would be better!! Much cuter, and more sultry. :)

  6. purple looks great for your whole look im sure.. considering your skintone and the shape of your face :)

  7. Chrissy, thanks! T'was the first time i tried a purple eyeshadow. :P

    makeup shakeup, thanks! Wow, meron pa pala sa shape of the face. Thanks! :P

    I am secretly hoping it'll be green but it seems like purple is the clear winner. :P

  8. The purple one suits you better.

    Lots of love,

  9. i suppose the shade of green in the first pic is not as suitable for your skintone as compared with the purple one. you could try a vibrant green like MAC Emerald Green. but if these are your two choices, i will go with purple.

    enjoy the party! ;)

  10. Yey! Thanks a million, ladies. :P
    I really appreciate your opinion. I will go with purple then as I trust your opinion. :)

    Sush, I like the green too but we're outnumbered. :P

  11. purple purple ^_^. I love purple and it looks good on you girl ;)


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