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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Product Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

This is my first ever NYX cream blush. Thanks again to Sol. Most of my blushes are in powder form because I didn't really know how to use cream blushes back then. But now that I am armed with good stippling brushes, applying cream blushes is now a piece of cake. So I am now going to review NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow.

What I like:
- A very pretty bubblegum pink with somewhat blue undertones.
- Blendable. Since this blush is very creamy, it is easy to make it blend with your skin.
- Pigmented. I like how I only need a little amount of product for the color to show. I have to very lightly dab my stippling brush and it already gets enough product. Sometimes, I even get too much for one cheek so you have to really use a light hand in application.
- Thanks to local resellers, it is now locally available.
- Price is not bad considering the good quality and the amount of product you get. Prices range from PHP360-PHP400. If it goes beyond that range, it is overpriced. Get this for only PHP360 here.
- It looks natural especially when blended well with the skin.
- I think this can be used on the lips as well. I have tried it and it works. ;)

What I don't like:
- Since it is too creamy, be careful in dipping your fingers in it as you might get waaaay too much product than what you really need. I made that mistake when I first used my finger to make a swatch. See the crater-like dip on the photo above?

Tip: Best used with a stippling brush to get a more natural glow on the cheeks.

Overall rating: 4.5/5.
Will I buy again? Yes! But I want a different shade. I want Red Cheek and Natural and the hot pink one.

See how pretty it is?

Ta! have a great weekend, everyone! :P


  1. Nice! I have Rose Petal and Natural and they both look "natural" on my cheeks. Yes, best used with a stippling brush coz they're so pigmented.

  2. Nikkiz, I am lemming for Natural, it looks so...uh, "natural". :P

  3. nice shade sis! :) hindi pa ko nakakatry ng blush from nyx :p

    *must resist* hihi

  4. Malds, ako din! :P Bili na tayo kay Sol! ;D

    Cha, try it. Don't resist. :P

  5. thanks for the tip on using cream blushes! i just bought my 1st one and have no idea on how to use it haha

  6. love cream blushes now :) and i'm sure this NyX one works nice :)

  7. Pwede kaya sa kin? Kasi ma-oily ata ako masyado...if dalawa bilhin ko, ano kaya ok, hot pink and red cheek?

    Bagay sa kin mga cool toned pink. Di bagay coral o brown. Bagay sa kin mga Desire. Posie Tint. Help ano shade bibilhin ko!

  8. Mia, great! Use a stippling brush then. :P

    Nikki, it is really a nice one. Planning to get another one. :)

    Malds, I'm sure pwede sayo to. Oily skin din ako eh. Hot pink bagay sayo or this one. :P Bili na kasi stippling brush. ;D

  9. wow. im planning to get one for myself. mukhang maganda kasi reviews nito. hahaha. btw i followed you :)

  10. i also did the same mistake of dipping my finger with too much force.. :) too bad, i didn't read this post when i got my first cream blush.. :) been wanting to buy this shade, but my wallet says no.. :)


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