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Friday, July 16, 2010

Blush: La Pensee Multi Face Color - Pink

Here's another addition to my Japanese blushes - La Pensee Multi Face Color in Pink. It's a pretty blush which reminds me of The Body Shop's waves thingie. Only difference is this is not shimmery, smaller, looks delicate, and pretty pink!

I love how this isn't shimmery at all but I still get that glow on my cheeks. It sort of reminds me of Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30. Color is sheer baby pink but you can add more color to make it more intense. Looks kinda chalky upon application but after a few minutes, it has blended well with the skin and the glow is there. I got this at a bargain on eBay for only PHP69 ($1.50). Nice deal, right? I Googled this brand but it seems like it's not as big as Shu, Kanebo, Shiseido, and Kose. But still, the quality is there. It goes on silky, I find it finely milled and texture is also great. My only beef about this product is the flimsy packaging. But for the price, I can't complain. :P


I am diggin' Japanese brands! I don't think it's impossible for me to make a 360 degree turn and turn my back on Western brands for Japanese brands. I used to like pigmented blushes but now, I like 'em sheer.

Anyway, weekend's here! Time goes by really quick. Have a fun and safe Friday night gimmick, everyone. :)


  1. i think i saw this one at 100 yen shop here in japan. this caught my eye but kind of hesitant to get one. now i want buy one for myself after reading your review! thanks for this review. :)

  2. Ran, you're so lucky to have all those makeup jewels there! :P

  3. i love that u can find blushes that are pretty but not expensive. i admire u for not being a mac addict and u dont stick to just one brand. u give ur readers a lot of options. be it frm hi end to local & cheap ones. keep it up

  4. Hi Pammy! I just remembered the website of the company of this product.

    I thought you might get interested. :) I see maybe 2/3 of the products listed in the website being displayed in 100 yen shop near my place. Whenever I go there, I always end up going to their makeup section but hesitant to get one after I purchased a very chalky eyeshadow. But your review encouraged me to try again. I am a newbie in makeup and can't afford buying those expensive makeup products (meaning anything more than 500 yen). I have a dark complexion, which of the shades do you think will suit me? Thanks.

  5. Hi Nadia, thanks so much for the sweet words. :)

    Ran, I saw that website too. If it's for the multi-face color, I think 02 will suit your skintone. If it's for the cheeck blush (duo), 01 might suite you. :)

  6. aww. sis pammy, I have one here, same as yours, I haven't opened it yet. parang gusto ko nga buksan and try sya eh, hehehe :) Love the shade it's baby pink!

  7. Bea, yup. It's super pretty to look at. I don't want to ruin the design. :P

  8. i have one here also..highlights for the eyes and cheek..super love the shade.:) its like makeup with no makeup at all!


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