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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Dog of Flanders

Yeah, this is a non-beauty related post. I'm just wondering if you guys remember the cartoons shown in ABS-CBN in the early 1990's, A Dog of Flanders? Nello and his dog Patrasche?

I do. I remember crying over the show and be embarassed when my mom and dad sees my crying because of it. I cried watching this show more than I did with Princess Sarah, Cedie, and Remi: Nobody's Boy/Girl. Well, I just thought of watching it a couple of hours ago thinking that it'd be nice to watch a show I loved when I was still a kid. Oh boy. I spent the night crying my eyes out while watching this really sad and heartbreaking yet beautiful movie. I think I used up a pack of Kleenex while watching it and hugging my pillow tight. It's just nice to once again watch this movie. It was full of emotions and fantastic. I won't get tired of watching it and in the future, I'll definitely have my kids watch this as well. May be dramatic but I'm sure it'll help them learn a thing or two about love and loyalty. Gah! I want a dog! :P

If you're wondering where you can watch it, just search for it in YouTube. It may be chopped in parts but it's definitely worth watching. There's also another version with real people in the movie that had a happy ending. Nello became a successful artist. But nothing beats the emotions shown in the original version.

Happy Monday, girlies. :)


  1. me too!
    i cried liters at the ending. it was such a touching anime. one of my favorites...but then again, i think most of the cartoons that was shown when we were kids are worth watching,ne?

    remember princess sarah & cedie?

  2. Thia, I totally agree. Cartoons nowadays are so different from the ones shown when we were kids. We learned a lot of good lessons from those shows. Oh yes. Two other shows that made me cry. :P Cedie's so cute.

  3. i've never watched the anime before since it it shown in the morning on weekdays and i'm on morning classes... but i got to read the story of this and i cried the whole time while reading it... i even cried while story telling it to my sister! i'm actually looking for the anime version of this so that i could watch it and cry again?!? hehehe...

    cartoons before will remain classics compare to cartoons today ;)

  4. I don't think I was able to watch this. I love Princess Sarah and Cedie though. Sobrang nakakaiyak. I should definitely watch this some time. Probably when Jam is old enough to understand cartoons. :)

    Lots of love,

  5. Golden, when you do, I suggest you have a pack of tissue with you. :P

  6. I do! I do!! :) i think subconsciously this made me love dogs. lol!

  7. Ayn, look for this on YouTube. Not the one with human acting. :P

    Shen, I love cats but now I want to have a dog. :P


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