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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rant: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

After having it for a month or so, I never thought this would also happen to my Revlon lippy. Some girls at GT complained about it being too creamy and it sort of melted in such a way that it sticks to one side, thus, ruining its shape and becoming messy. I thought I was lucky that it has not happened to mine but guess what? It did/ And I'm not happy about it. Good thing I have a lip brush but having to apply it that way every time I use this lippy will eat up time so I dunno. I might use this lipstick only on days that I'm not in a rush. Disappointing, yes. Changed my mind on getting another tube from this range. Look at the pictures to see what I'm talking, uh, ranting about. :(

Doesn't look like there's something wrong on the first photo, right?

Wait til you see these.

See what I mean? Disappointing. Too bad I like this lipstick. Oh well.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Considering that you live in a tropical climate, I'm not surprised that the lipstick melted the way it did. But then, do creamier lipsticks melt in hot weather faster?

  2. Hi. I have other lippies creamier than this one and they're still intact. Didn't melt at all, considering some of them are older than this one. And besides, I keep the temperature in my room cool so I am really surprised this happened. First time I had a lipstick that melted.

  3. If it's stored in your room where it's cooler, that's definitely weird that they melted like that!! Wonder if it's a bad batch then?

    LOL, I just realized that in my first comment, I linked to my personal blog and not my beauty blog. This time, I've linked to my beauty blog!

  4. oh no! I am so sorry this happened to you, so far mine didn't naman and I carry mine along pa on going back and forth sa office, ughhh sorry to read this, breaks my heart to see melted lipstick!

  5. Nikita, my exact sentiments. :(

    Nikki, I hope it won't ever happen to any of your colorburst lippies. Really heartbreaking. :(


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