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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ETUDE House + Saizen Purchases

Wow, I miss posting hauls and purchases here. I haven't bought any make up in more than a month now and I only bought 1 NYX lipstick last week. When I read that ETUDE HOUSE is finally in Megamall, I got excited because their products look really cute. And finally, no need to do pre-orders and play the waiting game. I dragged a colleague along with me and it took us a while to find its location. I now remember the reason why I hate Megamall - I get lost and it is always jampacked that I get dizzy and feels like I want to throw up. But in the name of kikay, I went there. :P

Initially, I was so excited that my heart leapt when we finally found the store. But I was disappointed when I was actually inside and browsing the products. The space was too small you cannot enjoy exploring and checking out the products without bumping into someone else's shoulder. The SA's are nice but they really weren't trained regarding the products. As I was checking out the Happy Tea Time cleansers, I noticed there were 4 variants and I asked the SA what the differences are between the 4 (I think). She onlt said the scent is the only difference among those 4. I'm pretty sure it wasn;t just for the scent but there has to be something else. I'm not pretending to be a know-it-all but if there is really no difference at all, feel free to let me know. But the store was cute overall. The pink tiny baskets are really cute too. There are so many products but I grabbed only two:

1. Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Foam - PHP148
2. Model Face Color #5 (blush) - PHP248

Of course, I have to go home with a blush. Maybe next time, I will buy other products when the Christmas season is over. :)

After Megamall, we headed to Galleria and went to Saizen where I grabbed a tube of charcoal masque (my colleague grabbed 3) and I was lucky to spot one Nose Shadow (for nose contouring).

It wasn't much of a Christmas shopping tonight and I am dead beat. Overall, I am happy with my purchases. It isn't much but nothing beats buying something after a long time of not buying anything.

I gotta go now, I'm really tired. :P


  1. nice haul!
    ohh charcoal mask!all the raves but i never tried !hehe

  2. Vanilla, don't you think it's about time you try the charcoal masque? :P

  3. So far, the price of Etude ain't that bad :) Blushes more blushes hehehe HappY Holidays!

  4. the charcoal mask, i heard great reviews about them, but still, i prefer stick with my etude house happy tea time peach tea. hope to read your review on the milk tea cleansing foam that u got

  5. The name of the cleanser is so cute- Happy Tea Time! Heehee :) I keep making plans to go to Etude House but never get around to it.

  6. nice haul the happy tea time cleanser sounds yummy!

  7. nakakainggit pammy.. etude house haul!! weehh!! wanna go there too.. :D happy holidays.. btw, maganda ba yung makeup nose contouring??

  8. went to etude house too

    i agree with the SA's not being well trained. I was looking for the lip concealer & they said they don't have it. But as i was browsing through the products, i saw it.

    I told her that that is what i'm looking for. She looked embarrassed for having been caught that she doesn't know their products

    tsk tsk tsk

  9. i WANT that nose shadow! how much pammy? =) nice haul btw!

  10. laughing trip nalang sa SA's nagprapraktis pa sila nung dumating ako yung isang SA(superior) pretending to be a customer asking stuff..ayun pala yung blush...balik din ako kaso di ko alam when super layoooooo

  11. wala pa akong nabibili sa etude house but i will soon. merry xmas!

  12. Love your Etude haul girl :)


  13. this may be off topic but are there any buses that i can ride on from megamall to galleria.?

  14. Nikki, yes, more blushes! The blushes there are cute. But surprisingly, I don't want them all. They are shimmer bombs. :(

    Ning, I like the Milk Tea Cleansing Foam. I'll review it soon. :P

    Ida, it's really cute! And it's creamy too. Etude will branch out in Alabang, right? Nearer to your place than Mega yata. :P

    Amy, it smells yummy too. But a little too sweet for me. :(

    Donna, go there, you'll like something naman siguro and almost everything's pink! :P Happy Holidays too. I miss paskuhan in UST. :) I haven't tried the nose contouring make up.

    Thiamere, they should've trained the SA's well. They just rushed everything just to make it in time for Christmas. But there are lotsa cute stuff. :P

  15. Khymm, it's only 85 bucks at Saizen. :P I saw you have NARS Taos na!

    Shobe, sayang di tayo nag-abot. Pero funny naman yung practice. :P

    Crystal, you'll like Etude House! Happy Holudays. :P

    Emily, thanks. I had to keep myself from grabbing a couple of stuff. :P Happy Holidays! :P

    Vix, go to EDSA and you can take the killer buses outside Megamall going to the North. Just make sure it is Ortigas ILALIM. :)

  16. Khymm, when I was at Saizen yesterday, wala na ako nakita


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