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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Product Review: ETUDE House Model Face Color # 5 Blush

This is my last blush acquisition for 2009. It has been a long time since I purchased a blush so when I saw this, I knew I had to get it. This blush reminds me so much of NARS Deep Throat. Even when applied on my cheeks, it looks a lot like Deep Throat sans the shimmer. So I am going to do a little review on this blush now that I have a lot of time in my hands to blog since I won't be going back to work until Tuesday.

These 2 Etude goodies work well together.

- This blush is a very pretty pink-peach shade with shimmers to it that sort of resembles NARS Deep Throat. And it does look like Deep Throat when applied.
- The scent is not too strong and it smells like perfume which I like because my nose can tolerate the scent.
- It is priced at PHP248 for 4g of product. The cheapest among the blushes from Elianto, Skinfood, Laneige, and The Face Shop.
- Lasting power is prett decent, stayed on my cheeks for 3-4 hours despite the humidity of the weather and having oily skin.
- Quite pigmented and not bad for the price.
- Now locally available at Etude House in Megamall.

- Not so finely milled, a little powdery. When I dab my Etude House stippling brush, I see a lot of powder at the sides of the compact and product gets wasted.
- There are tiny chunks of sparkles which won't be a good thing for those who don't dig the shimmers of NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm.

Overall rating: 3.75/5
Will I buy again? I am seriously considering getting a back up of this blush.

Tip: For those who wants NARS Deep Throat but do not want to spend that money for one blush, you may want to consider getting this blush as this seriously looks like Deep Throat on my cheeks.

Etude Baby in between NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat

It looks more similar to Deep Throat, right?

See what I mean?


Have a great weekend, everyone! Ta! :P


  1. ang nice talaga nito sis. ;)
    thanks for the review..
    parang ang liit lang nito..

  2. Trizh, it's really pretty. :P
    Maliit nga lang and I can't tell yung amount of product in one compact kasi wala din naka-indicate at the back of the compact.

  3. wow, thanks for the review! Next year pa ako visit sa Etude but I'll definitely get one of this!

  4. Gracie, go get products from Etude. :P They're cheap but worth it.

    EDIT: I found out on the Etude website that these blushes contain 4g of product.

  5. oh wow it does kinda look the same with Deep Throat on the pan. But when swatched, I can see that deep throat is more pigmented and Etude is more on the shimmery side?
    Either way, this is such a nice blush. I don't know Etude House has something like this.. I might get it next year. Thanks for the review! :)

  6. it really looks familiar! ang ganda and its not expensive too!

  7. Fifi, deep throat is indeed more pigmented and if I may add, prettier that Etude. And Etude has more shimmers in it. But it is really pretty and you should go get it. :P

    Khymm, they really do look similar and Etude is pretty on its own. Get one na. :P

  8. Pammy gusto ko na pumunta ng Etude House, kating kati na paa ko haha! hay I have to wait until tomorrow and check if pupunta kami ng family sa megamall if not sa Monday punta ako for their stippling brush (and a whole lot more of items)

  9. Chelle, punta ka na. :P Check out their blushes and eyeshadows and lippies and brushes and everything else! :P

  10. Lovely! ang cute ng swatch! love the shade! thanks for this!

  11. yes nakapunta nako ng Etude House! ^.^ sadly their stippling brush is out of stock na but they'll restock next week and text me when it arrives... ^.^

    Pammy tanong lang, if you deep clean your EH stippling brush, after rinsing it off as in wala nang soap suds, do you notice if magkakabula uli on it's own or totally wala nang bula?

    one of my eye shadow brush from Etude House absorbs the soap suds and after rinsing it nagkakabula uli so I have to soak it in a small container with water haha


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