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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Product Review: Revlon Self-Adhesive Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes

This is my first time to review a product I do not use everyday - false eyelashes. As I have mentioned on my post when I first tried out this product, I am a false eyelashes newbie who had a hard time applying 'em whereas for most beauty bloggers, applying falsies is a piece of cake. So I gave it my best shot to make this review as helpful and as comprehensive as I can. I am reviewing Revlon Self-Adhesive Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes in Defining.

- Easy to apply, no need for sticky glues as it is self-adhesive.
- Perfect for falsies newbies as it is not difficult to apply, very user-friendly.
- It looks natural and not screaming that I am wearing false eyelashes.
- It is not time-consuming as it takes only a few minutes to apply.
- If you mess up the first time you apply it, you shouldn't worry about leaving a messy glue residue on your eyelids.
- My eyes looked more awake when I had it and it instantly popped up my eyes.
- Made my eyes look more defined.

- Not locally available. -_-
- After 6 hours, one eyelash fell off my eyes. :( The glue wore off and I am not sure if that was due to my oily lids.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 If only it stayed longer than 6 hours, I would've given it a 5.
Will I buy again? Yes! That is if it becomes locally available.

This is a product that is perfect for falsies newbies like me. Didn't make me feel like an idiot as the regular falsies I have first tried wherein I had a hard time opening my eyes. Haha! I hope you guys find this review helpful and made you want to try this product. To those gals who have this product available at your local beauty stores, do give this a try especially if you are a newbie.

Special thanks to Ms. J Lai who gave me the chance to try this product and a few more Revlon products.


  1. oh,im starting to wear falsies as well,i want to try this as well,but since its not locally available..i guess ill stick with etude..but ill try to look for this kasi it looks really natural.

  2. I own one too! I like it but I find that if you applied a thick liner, it is quite hard to stick :)

  3. Shobe, how are the Etude falsies? :P

    Nikki, oh. This sorta makes my eyes look lined na. :P


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