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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Half FOTD + Trying Out Revlon Self-Adhesive Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes

Since I had nothing to do this afternoon, I decided to try the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self-Adhesive False Lashes I received last week. And I miss blogging. I had to take pictures so I added a blush and lippy and a dusting of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder on my face. Here is a half-FOTD.

What I used:
-Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder
- NARS Lokoum creme blush
- Stila Pixie Lipstick
- Revlon Fantasy Lengths Falsies

A closer look at my right eye and cheek.

I know I need to learn how to apply falsies since I don't really use one at all. I always rely on my Shu Uemura curler and mascara and I'm done. I tried a couple of months ago but I ended up teary-eyed and I had a hard time opening my eyes since I over applied the glue. That's how stupid I am when it comes to falsies. I stopped since then. But when I received an offer to try this out, I didn't think twice about saying yes since I felt this'd be a no-brainer and the right product for people who do not use falsies at all but needs to use one for an occasion or whatever. It took less than 2 minutes for me to stick them up my eyes. Yes, I know they're not applied perfectly but what can you expect from a false lashes newbie like me? But I think I did a pretty decent job in applying it. Though I need to practice more. I won't make a review yet as I need to thoroughly road test it and see how it goes for me. But so far so good.

Oh, I also learned that it is easier to use a stippling brush in applying cream blushes than using my fingers to blend, blend, and blend. I have been reading about that tip from fellow bloggers and fellow Girltalkers so I decided to give it a try. And alas! Applying my one and only creme blush, NARS Lokoum, was easy as a breeze! And it looks better too. Now I know better than having all the blush go to my fingers instead of staying on my cheeks.

Anyway, work is a bit tiring and it takes a lot of my time so I really miss blogging. I want o but everytime I get home, I'm dead beat so I just pass on it. I hope you are all okay. I miss reading your blogs too. :)

I hope you are all having a great weekend! :P


  1. sis pammy, the nars lokoum blush looks really good on you... i also adore nars blushes but im kinda scared of buying the creme versions since I broke out the last time I used a creme blush... nyways, keep posting!

  2. Hi Purple Patch! Thank you. Don't be scared of NARS Creme blushes. Just try them out first at the counter and road test it so you'll know if it's okay for your skin. :)

  3. Pretty FOTD girl, baka try ko rin mag falsies this New Year ^_^

  4. love the falsies! ako din medyo nahihirapan sa pag lagay, isang beses ko lang sinubukantapos ayaw na agad hihi. maybe i'll give it another try :)
    im looking forward to a whole FOTD heehee. ang cute kasi ngayon half lang :p

  5. Emily, I'm looking forward to an FOTD of you with falsies. :P

    Cha, haha! Ang hirap eh, I don't have steady hands pa naman. Hehe, pag sinipag ako mag-show ng buong face. :P

  6. very pretty, the false lashes look great on you!

  7. Nikki, yep! But I feel like my lashes are like a peacock's tail. :P

    Amy, thank you. :)

  8. sis pammy, where did you get the falsies? I wanna get one kasi and I did ask the sa at sm makati, she has no idea about this product. is it available locally?

  9. Your FOTD looks so natural and wearable at the office. I like it. I'm also a falsies newbie. Actually, I haven't tried it yet. :)

    Lots of love,

  10. Beautystash, this was sent to me for free but I need to make a review for it together with the other Revlon stuff on my previous post. It was from the US. :)

    Anonymous, thanks :)

    Golden, yep, they do look natural. Which is a plus for me and it's so easy to apply. :)

  11. pammyyyyyy

    hello my sister =) advance merry christmas to you!!!

    please add my blog because my old blog address do not exist anymore, if you'll check it... blog not found na...

    here is my new address:

    whoah! its been a while since you posted a face pic... pumapayat ka! share me your secrettttttt =)

  12. Jing!!! I miss you! It's weird because I followed your blog a couple of months ago. I mean the one with the new link, only to find out that I am no longer following your blog. Weh?! Anyway, stress lang sa work ang secret. Haha! Happy Holidays! :P

  13. thank you pammmmyyyyy!!!!!

    youve been out in the blogosphere for a long time! blogosphere is not the same without a pinay blush addict!!!!

    haha! yeah,,, stress is the ultimate secret... post more... even about your cat... anything...


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