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Saturday, December 19, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick in Frappucino + Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack

A package brought a smile on my face when I woke up a little over half an hour ago. I knew it's the NYX round lipstick in Frappucino that I bought on eBay for only 215 bucks.

I like how creamy it is but I don't like the funky smell. I dunno if it's a common thing with NYX round l/s but I don't dig it at all. That's the only complain I have so far. I might buy a couple more if this works out well for me. I like the color and how it looks on me. It's another MLBB. Review to follow soon.

Oh, more Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack for me. I love this product. I already opened the other one.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :P


  1. nyx frappucino is my first nyx l/s too! the shade is really pretty cause it looks good on fair skinned gals like you and on morenas like me :)

    nyx lippies have a plastic-y smell nga lang :(

  2. nice girl, I like it. I hope it's more on the brown side with no hint of plum, for some reason ayaw ko plum colors hehe :)

  3. Cha, I agree as to how pretty it is! :P If if works on both fair-skinned and morena gals, then it must be a versatile colour. :P Too bad for the smell, though.

    Emily, there is absolutely no hint of plum on this shade. It's safe. :)

    Caby, thank you dear! :P

  4. Yung dalawa kong NYX RL/s mabango nman. Parang perfume nga eh. Anyw, ganda ng shade. :)

  5. Sofia, good to know that your 2 round l/s smell good. :)

  6. I do not own frapuccino but the shade looks like its going to be something I want :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. hi sis pammy ^_^

    Frappucino looks very nice. You just helped me decide which next NYX lippie to get =D

    PS. i love your blog's design <3

  9. Hello Au! :P I'm glad this post helped you decide which shade to get. :P


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