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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I finally had the time to blog on a week night! Yey! Anyway, here's the third installment on my UAAP Series and this time, it's DLSU. I've always loved the sound of Animo La Salle! I don't think it'll sound great with any other school - Animo USTE! Animo Ateneo! Animo UP! Animo San Beda (okay, may naligaw na taga-NCAA), Animo Assumption! Animo FEU! and so on and so forth but you get the drift, right? :P For a random story like I did with the first two, here it is. I didn't like it when a couple of Lasallians broke my heart that I swore I'll never date someone from that school again, ever! I think I made that swear a few times but I always end up eating my words. Maybe I'm cursed. Haha! It may just be pure coincidence but then again, maybe it's a curse. :D Oh well, here's the EOTD/FOTD.

First off, I am aware of the two pimples on my right brow area. I gotta hand it to MUFE Mat Velvet + for giving me three pimples just by wearing it once. Hell yeah! :P

Of course, I used the same ol' Sleek Bad Girl Palette, like it's the only one I own. I used Innocence on the inner corners, brow bones, and inner lower lash lines. Applied Intoxicated on the the outer part, crease, and outer lower lash lines. I used Envy to line my upper lash lines, applied a coat of mascara and that's it!

My half-FOTD

Products I used:
- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer
- Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Pact
- Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil
- Sleek Bad Girl Palette
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Chanel Joues Contraste Tea Rose
- Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate
- Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss Corail des Mers

I hope I did their school colours a little justice. There is definitely no bitterness when I made this eye look. :P

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P



  1. It's lovely dear! i used to LOVE greens as in! LOL on the bitterness thingy haha

  2. @MereMakeupManiac Haha! Natawa din ako sa bitterness. :P I can see how you can love greens - they're gorgeous! But blue is your color. :P

  3. "There is definitely no bitterness when I made this eye look. :P" ----> Hahaha! This is nice Pammy! And I enjoyed your random kwento, too :D

  4. Nice FOTD sis! :) Having allergies w/ high-end products makes me more disappointed w/ them, kasi ang mahal tapos u'll end up w/ bad effects pa... Haha. But, it'll go away. :D

  5. HAHA! Animo La Salle!
    BTW, you look good. :)

  6. I love this! You can really pull off the dramatic smokey eye looks. I can never get them to look right on me for some reason :P

  7. of course, no bitterness.. because you did well! hehe
    pretty pammycakes! loveit! IMY

  8. Nice! :D
    It looks pretty!

    ( )

  9. I love the way you did your eyeshadow it looks sooo pretty:]

  10. Aiiimishyewwww pammycakes! :D guess what? i got a 200 peso bill with the UST symbol in it! i found so many from other schools like UP and ateneo hehe but i kept looking for UST. x)

    i like this look too! i think it looks great with glasses! :D

  11. spamspamspamspamspam!!! :P LOL!!! sorry i just couldn't resist. i've been away from the blogging world for more than a week. x)

  12. lovely!!!

  13. I love green E/S~ You made it look super nice and wearable. For some reason your posts isn't showing up in my blogger... Good thing I know how to look up for your blog. I am enjoying reading those I missed. <3


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