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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Goodies

Hola! I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Mine was still pretty busy because I was working earlier today and this week has been stressful. Stressful is the understatement of the year! Anyway, I think this week was still pretty good because of the goodies I received and purchased and for this quick post, I'm sharing some of them. Please do note that I am not bragging or anything. I haven't done a goodies post for a couple of months now, I think, so I decided to do one tonight. And it was the easiest thing to post because my brain's too tired (and so I am) to do a review or do an EOTD/FOTD. I badly need to recharge. :D Well, here are the goodies. These aren't much but they were enough to cheer me up after a  few long and tiring days.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay in Place Makeup Intensity 1.0
2. Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame and Curl Mascara
3. Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Gel in BR-3
4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector in 710 Light

5. Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint in Strawberry
6. Tony Moly Cherry Pink tint

7. Bath & Body Works Pocketbac in Fresh Lemon
8. Bath & Body Works Pocketbac in Island Margarita

Goodies from Genson:
9. Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream
10. Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask
11. Purbasari Lulur Scrub (I read a review where the blogger claimed that she likes this better than Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub. Now I'm curious.)
12. Nanomed Finale Whitening Cream

That's pretty much all. I no longer included the shampoos and conditioners and Cetaphil. Reviews coming up.

How about you? Any goodies recently? :P

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. I just hauled from Sephora's F&F sale, actually. Great haul! =]

  2. EL Double Wear Light is a FANTASTIC foundation! I am currently Level 2.0; I have 3.0 when I get really dark!

  3. Great haul! Can't wait for ALL of their corresponding reviews :) (no pressure intended. hihi!)

  4. pammycakes! when you aren't busy let's swap again LOL! i would like to try EL's doublewear too! <Inggetera nyahahah!

  5. I really wanna try product of tony moly but i was afraid it may not suites my skin type e. And that's allot of haul pammy cake...

  6. Really cute stuff! Gahhh! I wish I could shop like before! :D

  7. btw pammy let me know if vitacream works out for you! :)

  8. Is the Kiss Me Heroine mascara really good? :) where didja get it? the packaging is so unique!

  9. I cant wait for your review of the Kiss me Heroine mascara. great goodies!

  10. and Pammy, superrr thanks for linking my blog, too!! *hugs*

  11. looking forward to your product review about tony molly cheek tint!:D and other products as well

  12. i hope you like the vitacreme B12! I have used countless tubes now :P

  13. Love your haul! Great buy on the kiss me heroine mascara, it's one of my faves.
    I cant wait for your review of EL double wear light.. !! :)

  14. nice haul sis! for me, i think haul posts are good because if there are new products or haven't been discovered products that a blogger posted that her reader may not have known yet or considered buying, influences that person to do so and later on likes it, is a good motivation for me to post hauls. i appreciate haul posts myself from other bloggers, it's similar to browsing magazine pages. those people who say haul posts are bragging posts surely just think of negative ways of sharing information.

    i got curious: does kanebo kate eyebrow gel feel or apply heavily? i haven't thought of applying gel product on my brows.

  15. awww tony moly tint, it's on the watery side, so blend quickly LOL

  16. xcited to here what you have to say about the tony moly tint.

  17. i wonder what's the vitacreme.. i'll check that.. thanks for sharing.. hope you feel better.. i know the feeling. =))

  18. Hey Pammy, I hope you rest well and take care. When I get stressed, my poor wallet suffers. I'm shallow but knowing that I have great mu helps me get through the day. I am looking forward to read your reviews!

  19. These must be good additionals to your makeup kit. Very promising. :)

  20. Can't wait for your reviews. Everything looks so nice!

  21. so much random goodies! ya my days have been going stressful as well :( hopefully it will die down after halloween!

  22. I find the kiss me heroine make volume and curl mascara better than impact frame and curl. The later one tends to uncurl my lashes. I want to know what you think about Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream please.

  23. hello
    just wanted to let you know that the finale whitening cream is very bad for people who have extra sensitive skin
    good luck be careful


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