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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Pre-Halloween Story

Halloween is almost here, everyone! I hope you're all doing great. It has been a week since I've last made a post. Anyway, as the title suggests, I will be telling a story, or maybe two, that I experienced just this week. But before I do, I'd like to share the makeup I did on one of the participants for our group's Halloween presentation at work. That was the first time I did such makeup on someone so please bear with my being a newbie.

Ate M played the role of a mother whose very own child killed her by burning her alive, thus, the makeup. She won the best in costume and makeup for women! And the guy who played the role of her husband, whose makeup I also did with stitches and all, also won the same category for men. Yey!

Practicing on myself. I got one of the committee members fooled for thinking this was real. Said she had goosebumps when she saw my hand and kept asking what happened to me.

This, on the other hand, looked so fake but I still managed to fool a couple more to think that this was real. XD

Anyway, on to the stories.

The first one happened last Thursday night while we were rehearsing for the first and last time for our presentation. The story is about a girl who played with the Ouija board but I won't tell the rest of the story. Anyway, part of the story was calling on to spirits on a makeshift Ouija board. Although I was getting uncomfortable about it (even though I wrote the story and the script), we went on with the scene. Then a maintenance man (who was part of our group since their department is also under the HR) suddenly told me that there are a few spirits walking towards us. I remember someone telling me that that man's third eye is open. I shrugged it off at first until I felt something cold on my shoulders and my head started getting numb. I moved away and sat somewhere else. As Mang L and I were talking about it, I felt something really cold that I shivered for a while as I was having goosebumps. He then told me that there is a little boy.

Fast forward to us being taken home by the company driver. I felt weird and uneasy the whole time which was kinda strange. The maintenance man was at the back of the van and he suddenly transferred beside me and sort of tried to amuse me and made me laugh. When I was finally home, I went straight to the rest room but I got out as fast as I can for some reason. Before that, I was limping because my foot is injured and bandaged but I totally ignored the pain and moved really quick.

I went to my room and my mom was there playing on my laptop and we were talking about random stuff when my aunt knocked and went inside, almost in tears. When asked why, she started telling us that there are a lot of "people" walking around in her room and one was even touching her and caressing her arm. She already had a lot of encounters with spirits before but she said that was the first time she ever felt that scared. So she asked if she can sleep in my room (which my mom also did) and I decided to get the slanted chair in her room so she can sleep on it. The lights were off and I couldn't go inside so I just slowly reached for the light switch and switched it on. That room has never felt so creepy before. My mom didn't want me to go in alone so she decided to go with me. I felt my hair raising, goosebumps all over me. Same thing happened to my mom. It felt unusually cold in that room. When we were back in my room, my aunt told me that the only time she felt the spirits was when she heard me going up the stairs. Then we slept.

The following day, I was at work and I told Mang L, the man from the night before, about it, he only said "Sabi ko na nga ba eh" (I knew it). He knew that a few spirits came with me on our house. Anyway, we rehearsed at 6pm on the stage after work. The same thing happened, calling on the spirits on the Ouija board and the same eerie feeling was once again there. I went to the bathroom alone and as I was zipping my pants, a female voice whispered something in my ear, which once again made me walk fast, ignoring my injury again and told Mang L about it. He just said that it's one of those that came the night before.

When I had to do their makeup, I had to wash my hands every once in a while and each time I went to the bathroom, I keep glancing on the mirror because it felt like someone was there, watching me. I shrugged it off again. When everyone was gone, Mang L remained sitting on a chair. I asked why he doesn't want to leave me alone and he simply smiled. I then asked if someone was following me around, and he said yes. I asked if it was a man, and he agreed again. When I asked if that man wanted to harm me, he said no. He said that man was just amused with me so he decided to follow me around.

After our presentation, I was sitting on a chair while watching other groups present when I once again had goosebumps and the numb feeling on my head. After about half an hour, Mang L told me that the man was gone and it was now an old man who stood behind me but he eventually went away. Good thing is I went home without any companions. :D

Anyway, I hope there won't be any more "stories" after these two for now as I don't think I can manage to walk as fast as I did before. :D

On a lighter note, I got a couple more goodies.

Wedge shoes

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And more books! :P

Have you had any "stories" lately?

Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

P.S. The stories I shared are based on my real experience as I don't think such things should be made up.


  1. OMG... scary stories... :| haha, i do share some creepy stories... waaah! haha, anyways, you can be a prosthetics make-up artist sis. ang galing! you fooled me at a glance. :) hihi. way to go sis!

  2. Going to the bathroom alone might've been VERY creepy! Yikes sis, ang scary ng story mo, tsk tsk.

    The second burn wound makeup got me. Perhaps because it's an up close shot more than the first wound photo?

  3. What a creepy story! Some scary things happened at my old house, I kept hearing voices (my room was in the basement) and for one week straight, I would ALWAYS wake up at exactly 3:00 AM and I would hear the same voice, like if someone was leaving a message on the phone...

    The wounds look real, great job!

  4. Number 1, great job with the make up. It is very well done.

    That is one hell of a scary experience. I hope you have stopped your rehearsals, no joke if one of them was not nice. Take care.

  5. I seriously went straight to the haul part of this post. Hahaha tinakasan ko yung horror story mo (define scaredy cat) :P

  6. awhile ago i was alone in our sala using our PC there..while reading your post in the middle of your story i went to my mom's room and use my PC and continue reading your post. LOL

    anyway great haul pam! :D

  7. The holloween makeup and the haul totally make up for the scary story. :S Hope it won't happen again :P

  8. Nice haul, and the makeup looks very real. :D

    Scary story gave me goosebumps.. that is just very creepy.

  9. Gosh Pammycakes, kahit ang taas nang story, I read it to the very end. Scary as hell! I hope that never happens to me. just out of curiosity, the place where you rehearsed, was it hunted? its just weird that a lot of spirits came.

  10. yikes, so scary. I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me. I love scary stories, but they stay with me longer than they should haha.

    also, nice haul. love the shoes!

  11. nyaha like aya, tinakasan ko si Horror Story.. ahuhuhu
    jump to your Haul na agad haha atakbo aku grrr..
    nice halloween makeup haha buti pumayag sya =P
    anyhow.. love the wedge shoes and yay for cetaphil! aha aha

  12. @herroyalbleakness Calling out to whoever spirits are there did it! :D

  13. @G A B Y That is so creepy! Having to always wake up at exactly 3am with voices? I don't think I would last there even for a week! :D

  14. @Jacqueline Yeah, we were done by Friday, no more scary stories ever since. Well, I haven't gone back to the office since Saturday. We'll see this week. :)

  15. @Aya Haha! I love horror stories. It's just that the mind works too much at times that it definitely has ways of scaring us. :D

  16. @Bubbly Mochi It was. Especially when the spirits supposedly went home with me. :D

  17. @Hollie It really wasn't haunted. It's on the basement of the company building where the stage is and where functions usually happen. But there have been stories though I already felt one little girl in the supplies room. :)

    I also read somewhere that even though you use just makeshift Ouija board and pointer, you can still call on spirits. And that's what happened during the rehearsals and on the performance itself. :)

  18. @Jackie That happens to me too! Our minds can definitely scare us. :D

  19. @Diane Yeah, she was very much willing to do it. And she ended up with a cash prize for winning. :P

  20. i've never believed in ghosts kahit bata pa ko, i even say over and over na i want to see dead relatives (usually when they've just passed away) just to know the feeling and i imagined that it's better to see dead people you know than random ones. siguro that's why they don't make "pakita" to me, hehe.

    level-up ang makeup ha, artistry na itow! ;D ewan ko ba for the love of me i don't want to create scary looks from makeup, parang i reserve it for prettiness lang hehe!

  21. oh God that sounds like a really scary experience :S

    Great halloween makeup btw!

  22. pammy i did not read the latter part because i had a feeling that it will be scary and i'm alone now. :P LOL!

    you did such an amazing job on the wounds. you ought to teach us before next halloween! :)


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