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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back to work

Yesterday was my first day/night at work. I had a not-so-good experience on the first day. The manager called and asked me to come in at 6pm instead of 9pm for the contract signing and there was also an increase on my basic pay so I was there before 6pm. The manager wasn't there. So I was given the contract and I was left to read it on my own and sign it which is fine. The manager came back from either Starbucks or CBTL at around 6:30pm and discussed a few things with me then later on told me to come back before 8pm since the person who will train me will come in at 8 or 9pm. By the way, I was the only one hired for the job. I had nothing to do for an hour and a half so I grabbed a quick dinner at McDonald's which is right across the building and was texting and calling people I know working in Ortigas but everyone was on their way home so I was stuck with myself. Then I came back before 8pm and she still wasn't there. I was asked to read about the company and then I had a stick or two at the balcony while talking to someone on my cellphone, at least to keep me company. She got there by 9pm and I thought they will make me come home by 6am. Good thing I was told I can go home by 3am. 3 hours were wasted doing basically nothing productive at all. I should've been asleep until 7pm but no, I had to leave by 5pm.

The work? Oh boy, I think I have seen lingeries and bras and panties and corsets enough to last me a lifetime! Did you guys know that there are 23 different kinds of bras?!!! When I was told about it, I was like, "You gotta be kidding me?!". But the products are nice and I actually like a few. I can avail of the 50% discount. But they are quite expensive, some reaching almost $80. But then here's abnother shocker for me. Some cup sizes reach 44H???!!! or maybe even higher?! When I saw those sizes, I couldn't help but look down on my chest and feel like my boobs are flat when I am beside those boobs. ^_^

Work again tonight. More bras to see.


  1. weird pammy i know i follwed ur blog a month ago.pero ngayon hnd na.i follwed u again,anyway...woah...bOObies with a big O's i want to work din sa ganyan.wala p ako job experience....i really want to work na din para i have the moolah to quench my babaw ng reason

  2. Wow, HUGE bras! Anyway, what job is this, and what bras do you sell? I can never find nice bras that fit me. Hehe. Sounds like you had a sucky day at work, I hope it won't happen again. You work at night? Eep!

  3. yea.. i know about those cup sizes alright.. :D my aunt works for a similar company. it might even be the same one..:D

    during christmas, my aunt would all give us dozens of designer lingeries, bras and panties and even swim wear.

    you should see the models.. their future's really huge.. er bright.. i meant bright.. :D

  4. Shobe, i didn't notice that. Thanks for following my blog again. Haha! Me too, to go buy the items I've been lemming for. ^_^

    Chrissy, yeah, they are HUGE! The biggest size I've seen so far is 48H! Can you imagine that? You might want to check out I only realized that there is a correct way to know your cup size until last night.^_^

    Makeupjunkie, maybe it is the same company, Lauren Silva. Up until now, I am still amazed as to how big bras can be. ^_^

  5. WHAT THE HECK!? H? That's a first! I never heard of sucha thing! I only found out recently about E, now a H? WOOOW! Those ladies might have a hard time, walking! lol!

  6. Hehe. What the heck ---that's exactly the same reaction I had. Really really big ^_^ -Pammy

  7. make it a JJ. a double J! Boobs are shocking me more and more each day. I was told the people at the warehouse sometimeas play around with the bra inserts and they are big enough to be a cap. Can you just imagine that? :D


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