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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Product Comparison: NARS Orgasm and ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer

I compared the ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder to the NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo. Though I never really have that duo, a lot of people are comparing both and saying that the ELF Studio duo is the cheaper version of the NARS duo in terms of price. So since I have NARS Orgasm, I decided to compare both blushes. I took some pictures and a few swatches.

NARS look smaller but it contains more product than both the ELF blush and bronzer combined. Orgasm has 4.5g of product while ELF has 4g. But it's not bad considering that there are 2 different products on ELF. Both look so preeety! ^_^

See the striking resemblance? Both look so similar except for the fact that NARS has more shimmer in it than ELF and ELF is a tad lighter than Orgasm. That is why I thought it looked more NARS Deepthroat-ish for me.

A couple of swatch shots:

Left- ELF
Right- NARS

I dunno if you can see it clearly at your end due to the poor quality of the photos but they pretty much look similar, only Orgasm is more shimmery.

So what's the verdict?

Both blushes have good quality. It's just that NARS has a better reputation than ELF. And the ELF Studio line is pretty new and has to prove itself yet when it comes to quality. It has a lot of catching up to do since their products have a pretty bad rep. ELF Glow is a little more similar to NARS O though the quality of the blush on their duo is waaay better than ELF Glow. Plus it lasts longer. NARS scored a few points over the ELF Studio blush when it comes to staying power. But when applied on the cheeks, you can barely tell the difference between O and the ELF blush. I had compliments when I'm wearing the ELF duo as well. The ELF blush may not be as finely milled as NARS but the quality of the blush is really good. It's a tie for me when it comes to pigmentation. Both are really pigmented and I have to use a light hand when I apply them to avoid having clown cheeks. Both compacts look very sleek. Only difference is that NARS is sort of rubberized and ELF isn't. The biggest factor and difference is the PRICE. NARS blushes sell at $25 (if I remember it right) whereas ELF sells the duo for $3, $1.50 when they are on sale. The only thing I don't like about the ELF duo is that the bronzer is kinda powdery. I just dab my brush on the bronzer and since it's a little powdery, product gets wasted.

It's hard to choose between the two and since it's difficult for me to decide which wins, I am just going to purchase both when I ran out of them. Isn't that a better solution? If you can't pick one, just get both. ^_^ Only the ELF Studio line is not yet available here in the Philippines but according to some girltalkers, some ELF counters carry Studio line products but those are limited and easily get out of stock. If you are on a budget and want a good quality blush/bronzer duo like NARS, you can get away with the ELF duo. But if you want something high end and you are a NARS loyalist and would like to spend your moolah, go get your NARS duo.

OT Rant: Weather's crazy! I wake up feeling hot and kinda humid in the morning but after noon, it rains and gets cold in the evening. Now I've been sick on and off again. The weather has gone nuts.

Another OT Rant:

Why is it so hard to quit smoking? Been puffing on cancer sticks for years now. I tried to quit when I was in and out of the ER due to asthma and yes, I can control myself from smoking for a few days but I somehow end up puffing again.

I am forever cursed to use Seretide which is an anti-asthma med.

Dunhill is just so suave and smooth. Oh, those aren't my fingers, those are my friend's.

And this is just a perfect combination. Argh! I can't have coffee without cancer sticks.

And this too? Sorry for the tissue eewie thingie on the table.

I know I can quit smoking. From more than one pack a day, it's now down to 3-5 sticks each day. An ex once asked me when I am going to quit smoking and I told him I will when I get pregnant. And he said he will get me and that freaked me out and hid from him for like 2 weeks.

I can quit but why is it so hard and difficult?! The craving and the urge ain't as strong as it was before but I still feel the need to smoke. My dad died of cancer due to being a heavy drinker and chain smoker and am I following his footsteps? Jeez! I can do it. Soon enough. But it's really really hard.


  1. that's a nice comparson, you are right, I can see NARS orgasm more shimmery :) But for it's price, it's worth it :)

  2. i definitely love the elf blush duo.. i don't have nars orgasm but i kinda compare it with my hot mama blush..

  3. i can see that orgasm is actually more shimmery...and i thought the elf blusher was very shimmery already hehe :)

    re quitting there's defnitely no easy way. and just like you said, i only really stopped when i found out i was preggy! before that i was a chain smoking asthmatic. i guess it's about motivation.

  4. Whoa! Thanks for the comparison, I'm planning on buying from ELF, so I am totally be adding this onto my list.

    Alot of people have a hard time quitting smoking, when I met my boyfriend, he has been smoking for years & I couldn't handle that, so he quit for me =D but, I guess the key to this is to be strongly motivated to quit. It was hard, since he would wake up sweating and everything, but it all about determination. And he chews gum, whenever he felt like it... lol.

  5. Nikki, it's so worth it. I hope you get to try it too. :)

    Donna, I have hot mama too and it's still more shimmery than the elf blush. But yes, i love the elf duo :P

    Ida, the shimmer of elf blush is nothing compared to nars orgasm :) haha! maybe that's how it'll be like for me too. quit when preggy. ^_^

    Cheysser, go go get one! Or two! ^_^ your boyfriend must love you that much to give up smoking for you. that's really sweet. :P

  6. lol, when i'm in doubt, i buy the more expensive.. hahaha! i know its hard to quit. really, especially if you're surrounded with people who smokes too. as for me, i still am not quitting. i'm just limiting my interaction with people who smokes. I like my blogger friends because they don't smoke so i only have 1 or 2 sticks whenever i'm with them. i also try not to buy a pack or anything cig related. I do smoke now whenever i'm out with college buddies and lawschool friends which is only on the weekends. i hope what i shared helps you out. :)

  7. thanks shen. most of the friends i go out with recently are non-smokers. but i end up with a stick or two. but when it's gimmick night, hello one pack! ^_^

  8. Hi Pammy, I can totally relate! I can't quit either. And I can't lessen my yosi :(

    The elf studio line looks promising! Will look forward to your posts about it :)

  9. Hi Teeyah! Good luck to the both of us. It'll just happen. :)


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