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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life is Short. Have an Affair.... wtf?!!!

My mom was watching the Tyra Banks show a couple of days ago. This might be too late as I don't know how updated ETC is on the Tyra Show episodes. I wasn't paying much attention on the show when I heard that the topic is about a website that serves as a cheating site for married people who would like to have an affair. I thought it was ridiculous! How can someone, in the right state of mind, encourage and even help people cheat on their spouses! 2 clients showed their faces on national tv and even admitted on chating on their spouses. First woman, she admitted to her husband on tv that she has been cheating on him, with the help of the website. The poor man cried his heart out. And when he asked what he canm possibly do to make their marriage work, she gave selfish reasons, in my honest opinion. I lost track of how many times she used the word "I". They don't have sex as much as they did before but is that enough reason for one woman to cheat on her husband? What happened to respect? For the father of her kids, their kids, and to herself? Fine, sexual compatibility, I believe, is one big factor to have a successful marriage but why cheat? I don't think there will ever be a valid excuse to cheat. Nothing can ever justify such a mean act. And to see that man cry just broke my heart. I have been cheated on and I know how it feels. It sucks! Big time! The only two words I uttered upon seeing and hearing what she had to say was, "selfish b!t*h!". I may not really know the true story or what really transpired between those guests but her reasons are simply BS for me.

The second guest is another woman who claimed that the cheating website ruined her marriage but saved her life. And what shocked me the most is that she slept with 150 different men in a short span of 6 months!!! She is on her early 40's, fyi. She learned more about her sexual side but like that? C'mon! And the constant guy she has been seeing is also an attached man. When she told him the number of guys she had slept with, he said OMG then kissed her on tv because he was so turned on. And how the heck will the possibility of getting AIDS from sleeping with over a hundred men save your life? That is rubbish!

Why cheat when you can talk it over? Settle your differences. I'm no relationship expert but this is just so wrong. They do have divorce anyway so why hurt your spouse and children? What if one day, a man approaches one of the kids and say, "Hey there, I screwed your mom." Did those two women ever thought of that and how it could possibly affect their kids? And most of all, what kind of values does that man behind that darn website have? What was he thinking? He even said that he would talk to those clients and try to make sure that they know what they are about to get into. Still doesn't make it right. He is a millionaire because of his website but as to the kind of morals that man have beats the sh*t out of me.

Sorry for the rant. I just can't help it. By the way, the website I'm talking about is ashleymadison but it cannot be accessed outside of the United States, I think, so there's no point in linking it here.


  1. lol ive seen this like 3 times :D

    the site owner should die :D lol

  2. haha! i know it's mean but i am secretly hoping that the owner gets cheated on. ^_^ but his wife seemed supportive of what his husband is doing. so sad.

  3. WTF? That's nut! I want to watch the episode, is there any where that I can find this on youtube? WEH!

  4. Weird, weird, weird people. And you are right, the woman's excuse was BS. Pure BS. Are they even human beings?

  5. i think i've seen this episode also. crazy!

    hey, i'm glad you didn't abandon your blog :)

  6. aaaah..the mystery of a cheaters mind..i hate it..they always complain of something so insensible,they give vague reasons,so damn pathetic.

  7. cheysser, they might have it on youtube. not sure though. try searching for ashleymadison.

    golden, meanie meanie human beings.

    ida, really crazy! yeah, thought i shouldn't. :)

    shobe, pathetic is the right word.

    but i love watching the show Cheaters. ;D

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