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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mini Update

I am going to work again. I'll be on a fixed graveyard shift since it caters to UK, Australia, USA, and Canada peeps with weekends off. The company has a line of women's intimate apparel and employees get 50% discount. Coolness! It is like a small in-house call center doing back office stuff so work is not really toxic. I feel lucky because out of a hundred applicants, they only hired two and moi is one of those 2. Weee! Since it is mainly admin stuff, I won't risk losing my voice. I had Reinke's Edema which is the swelling of the vocal cords so I cannot work at a call center taking calls. The environment is not like that of the usual call center. Very laid back from what I observed and no EOP (English Only Policy) and cellphones are allowed with your bags. Plus we can wear comfy clothes, no need to dress up for work. It has a small office and there are only less than 20 employees so I am excited. My no-buy mode is officially over as soon as I get my first paycheck. Wish me luck! :P

EDIT: I already broke my no-buy mode! I remember buying the Ellana cheek tint and now I joined the ELF pooled orders. I'm definitely getting more from their Studio Line. ^_^


  1. take care of your health and goodluck with the job :D

  2. CONGRATS ON THE JOB :] Graveyard shift is hard! But in time, you'll get a hand of it! I should know.... I work during the graveyard. LOL!

  3. i love the graveyard shift! i am more awake at night. not a morning person. i sleep at 5-6am so the shift is just so perfect for me. ^_^


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