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Friday, July 17, 2009

nothing but rants

I've been unable to update my blog because I am still adjusting to my schedule. I am always tired and sleepy when I get home so no time for make up thingie. I am basically just going to rant again.

1. GLOBE sucks! I bought a P100 prepaid card and I subscribed to their unlimited texting feature which costs only 20 bucks. When I checked my balance the following morning, it is down to P57! Most of the people I text with are also Globe subcribers so how is it that I lost P23 overnight without texting people from other networks? This isn't the first time such an incident happened. It has been going on for months that I already lost track of how much money I lost. I complained twice already and they sent me the amount I complained for in 24 hours. But do I have to complain each time it happens? Why can't they do anything about it? I am not the only one who complains about it.My mom and friends experience that too and they are getting annoyed. Everytime that happens, I feel cheated on. It's like stealing. Globe, please improve on your service!

2. The weather is crazy! It rains then the following day, it is freaking hot. The next day, it rains again, then gets hot again the next day. I've been sick on and off for weeks now. I hope our weather makes up its mind as to what season we are in right now.

3. I will receive my first pay next month! One whole month of no pay yet. Argh!

4. Why are some men such horndogs? They ask you out for a date and expect intimacy from you after. I am not saying all men are like that. Maybe I've just been dating the wrong guys.

Please bear with me. ^_^


  1. I am also a Globe user sis and yes, their service sucks sometimes. Anyway, I hope their service gets better.

    I, on the other hand, hates going out when it's raining. I just want to stay at home. But I don't have a choice as I've work. It rains like crazy here in Baguio, making the cold city gloomier.

    I've experienced having no pay for one month when I was still a trainee. Nakakahiya kasi umuutang pa ako noon sa parents ko para lang may allowance ako. Good thing that I was able to pay them back. ^_^

    As for the guys naman, yeah, some of them are 'horndogs'. Especially those guys who work for a callcenter. Well sis, if you're not comfortable with a guy, don't date him.

  2. Hi sis! I've an award for you. Get it from here:


    Lots of love,

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  4. oh, thanks sis.

    I've never encountered horndogs from call centers but from other indutries but yeah, a lot of call center guys are such. but again, the disclaimer is not all of them are like that. :)

  5. I am also a Globe subscriber, but Im on a postpaid plan. But yeah, my bill has been sky-high lately. Howell, they'll get some spanking soon. :p

  6. ^
    Yeah, that's one reason why I am no longer on post-paid. Sometimes, the bill is just inexplicable.

    I talked to a friend from one of our networks and he said it could be marketing style.


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