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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indulge Nail Lounge & Spa Experience

The nail art business is booming! Aside from the ingenius and awesome beauty bloggers who do nail art tutorials, more and more people are coming up with nail art salons. Last Wednesday, I got the chance to try a service from Indulge Nail Lounge & Spa here in Marikina. It is just a few houses away from ours so getting there wasn't any problem at all. Here's how it looks.

Shot from the outside so you'll know which one it is if you're from Marikina.

The reception

The Nail Art Designs

Some of their nail polishes

Services and Price List

Where they pamper your feet and give you pedi. There were 5 seats, if I remember it right. The seats are comfortable enough and the pillows can be used for your neck or you can simply hold on to it while you pray to Dear Lord that your toes won't be "murdered". Of course, mine weren't. I'm glad to know that my feet were in good hands. My feet were soaked and washed before the pedi started. I was supposed to get nail art for my fingernails but I chewed off mypinkie nail the night before because I was tensed over something and before I knew it, t'was already a mess. I was told I can have nail art done on my toe nails as well but I am a minimalist when it comes to nail polish and I simply went for the classic ol' french tip. I also got a foot and leg massage. Overall, I really like the place - it was warm and cozy and the staff were courteous and friendly. The ambiance was relaxing and I think the decor and the wall design also added to it. I will definitely try their other services one of these days. For those who are in the Marikina area, you may want to give their services a try. They mostly use The Face Shop, Elianto, and Orly nail polishes, by the way.

My pedi! :P

By the way, I got these last Thursday - NuSkin Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit

For those who are interested to try the services at Indulge, it is located at the blue building along JP Rizal Street in Malanday (Lamuan), Marikina. It is right across Bamboo Grill Asia and South Supermarket. You may contact them at 861-9442 for inquiries and stuff.

Disclaimer: Service was received for free but does not in any way affect what I think of the service in general.

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Ang layo ng Marikina, LOL :P

    I've tried getting nail art once, my nails were a bit murdered sad to say. So I stick my our loyal manikurista who we ask to go to our house every 2 weeks or more often than that.

    Happy weekend dear. :)

  2. Madz, that's so sad. Yeah, better stick to your trusty ol' manicurista then. Happy weekend! :P

  3. Pammy, are you using the NU Skin Kit yet? Can't wait for your review! :P

    Lovely french tips! Happy weekend! ♥

  4. Juana, I have used it a couple of times and used it on my mom and tita for facials. Haha! Will review it soon. :P Happy weekend too!

  5. I feel that being minimal on nail polish on the feet is the most attractive. medyo na ooverkill-an ako sa nail art on both hands and feet :S terno terno at its finest.

    ang ganda ng feet! :) ahluvit! dapat sis pinakita mo rin yung heel mo ---- crush ko yun when we met up kasi ang rosy pink!

  6. Arg, true, overkill nga pag terno na nail art but then kung dun sya masaya, go lang. Haha!

    Nahihiya ako to show my feet here. :P

  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my nails done! unfortunately, i dont have time to go to nail salons regularly. :( inggit ako Pammy! :)

  8. G, I'm lazy naman to go to nail spas so I just do my own mani and pedi. :P

  9. marikina is soo malayo! :/ but this looks fun! :3

  10. Sugar, malayo from where you are. Haha! I'm sure your place is super malayo from mine naman. Haha! :P

  11. i need a pedicure badly. looks like they did a great job!

  12. The shop looks so cute! im just beginning to appreciate nail art. Perhaps when i get back i could try this:-)

  13. Nic, go get your feet pampered and pedicured! :P

    Mina, try it. :P I'm skipping it because I prefer french tips talaga. :P

    Michelle, yeah, I think they did. :P

  14. I've never tried nail spa or nail art. It's too impractical for me. I still go to my trusted manicurista at a local spa here in cebu. It's "CK Spa" by the way located at Diplomat Hotel here. I just love that all chairs are "lazy boy". I always fall asleep while they're doing mani and pedi...hehe

  15. Hollie, me too. I'd probably stick to doing my own mani or the manicurista doing home service then go for nail spas for foot spa. :P

  16. Ai ang layo HAHAHA!!! I'll stick to my manicurista na lang :)

  17. I'm sooo jealous! My sister and I have been thinking of getting hand and foot massages + nail art since yesterday.

    The service looks good naman and the prices are reasonable.. kaya lang, malayo samin eh. :P

    Still, awesome review, Pammy! :)

    - Dawn

  18. Alam mo, SUPER AGREE! Nail art salon are popping out EVERYWHERE! I Can't keep track na nga on them eh!

    My nails do need the pampering it deserves pero ang tagal na akong di nagpapamani and pedi!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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