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Friday, February 18, 2011

Makeup Goodies!

It has been almost a week since I have last posted a blog entry. I've been too lazy to blog lately and couldn't even bring myself to review stuff. So I'll just simply post about the makeup goodies I've purchased and received recently.

 Jill Stuart Blush in  06 Fresh Apricot - currently loving it!
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream (Light 4-5)

Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Lip Tint in Neutral Pink

And lastly, the sweet and lovely blogger Chantzy sent me some NYC tinted lip balms last January. It took over a month (which is a first for me) before I received it that we thought the package was already lost. She also included some L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup which reminded me of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Makeup. I already opened the one in the middle and I like it a lot! Review soon. Thanks again, J, for the lovely goodies. :)

I'm glad to say that I have controlled my spending habits and didn't go gaga like I did during the holidays. It's kinda weird but I think I have lost my appetite when it comes to makeup. I no longer get thrilled when I see makeup counters. Maybe I had too much before. Haha! 

Anyway, happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Cams, hahaha! I was in awe when I first opened it. :P

  2. super cute nga ng JS blush! cant wait for your reviews...

  3. the NYX tinted lip balms look cute in the tins!

  4. Can't wait for your review on the lip balms :D

  5. I'm drooling over the JS blush. :P Happy weekend, Pammy! :)

  6. Kim, will review it soon! :P

    Jennifer, they do look cute. :P

    Aya, will definitely review them soon. :P

    JK, happy weekend too! :P

  7. lovely haul! im looking forward to seeing the blush on you!!

  8. The Jill Stuart blush is definitely an eye candy. Happy weekend as well Pammy! :)

  9. Nic, been using it since I got it. Love it! :P

    Madz, yes! The packaging is so princess-y! Happy weekend! :P

  10. O.O
    where'd you get the JS blush pammy? it's soooo pretty! i want! xD i want! xD

    *dies of envy

  11. Sugar, I got it online. Go get one too! :P

  12. I want your JS blush :| review. review. review.

  13. oooh JS.. i'm not even sure if they have this in Malaysia..

  14. the JS blush is Gorgeous! will be waiting for your review on that as well as the Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Lip Tint. I recently saw the Revlon lip tint online, but was hesitant to purchase it, since I don't if it's any good.

  15. Nadine, will do. :P

    The Kikay Girl, thank you. It is! :P

    Carolina, we don't have it here in the PI but it's available online. Do check out eBay. :P

    Hollie, will review both. Yeah, I was hesitant to purchase the Revlon one too but I realized I have to try it if I want to know if it's a good product. :P

  16. Jill Stuart blush looks so good i want to grab it now. hehe! i feel you Pammy, sometimes i also lose the urge to buy things only to find myself wanting it again. Sigh! prolly it's just a phase hehe :-)

  17. Mina, I'm sure you'll like JS blushes. :P Yeah, I think it's a phase. Haha!

  18. Japanese cosmetics always has cute packaging,ne?
    is this the one that got a retractable goat hair angle brush?

    it's a sight to behold!
    lovely blush!

  19. where did you get the js blush??? very pretty pammy


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