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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Product Review: Beauty Blender

Having the right makeup tools is essential and investing on the right ones is even more important. But is it possible to have almost everything you need to apply foundation, concealer, and blushes in just one tool? Sounds impossible and too good to be true, right? But it's not. In fact, you can have all those in just a tiny hot pink  egg-shaped makeup sponge known as the Beauty Blender. I have mentioned on my January Favorites post that I initially thought this product was just a waste of money but later on proved me wrong. To find out why, read the rest of this post.

A cute hot pink egg-shaped sponge that significantly grows bigger when wet and goes back to being tiny once dry.

What I like:
- It blends my under eye concealer perfectly. I use the pointed side of the BB and it blends it in like a dream. Doesn't settle on the fine lines too.
- According to some users and reviewers, it provides an airbrushed finish when the stippling or bouncing motion or what I personally call the "toink-toink" motion is used. Though I do not really see it at all, I like the natural finish it gives. It is better than wet sponges, stippling brushes, or fingers.
- It can also be used for cream blushes and cream eyeshadows.
- Re-usable. You only need to wash it after every use.
- Can last for months, probably for more than a year if taken cared of properly.
- Locally available at Rustan's.

What I don't like:
- It takes time and effort to use it if you do the stippling motion.
- The price which is Php1495 for the sponge alone at Rustan's.
- Since it needs to be washed after every use, you end up using more water and sponge cleaner or whatever you use to clean it.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Will I buy again? I might not. While this is quite a good product, I honestly don't think it is a must have. I think it is one of the products where I might in the future say, "it was good while it lasted". Yeah, it wasn't a total waste of money but it is definitely something I can live without.

This product has received mostly positive reviews but has also received some negative ones like "There isn't anything this beauty blender can do that a wedge sponge can't". There is some truth to it though I think that while a wedge sponge can do almost everything that this BB can, I think BB does a better job at those things. But not enough to totally convince me to repurchase. It only became a favorite because I felt the need to use it because of its price, I guess. And I just love using it with my concealer.

Its original size when dry

Its size significantly increases when wet.

Getting cozy with someone. :P

Have you tried the Beauty Blender?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I've never tried this, but I do recall it being very expensive. And I've read many good things about this oblong shaped sponge :)

  2. Toink toink motion. Hahaha! You're so funny, Pammy! Wouldn't buy this. It's expensive! Good thing I seldom wear MU. Baby powder lang, I'm good to go. Lazy me. :P Great review as always! :)

  3. LOL @ toink toink! Hahaha and that last pic is so cute!

  4. hahahaha! i super love the last picture pammy. <3

    thank you for this review. been wanting to pick this item up but now i can definitely say that i'll just stick to my brushes because this seems like a NO go.

  5. I'm sticking with my TBS prof sponges :) the BB doesn't fit my budget :)

  6. The "toink toink" motion had me stiffling my laugh here at the office. Pammy, you're such a joker :P

  7. Toink2x motion?! LOL
    di ako bibili nito, its too expensive for a sponge..

  8. Jen, it is very expensive for a sponge. :(

    JK, teehee. I love the word toink. :P Yeah, it is expensive. I dunno what got into me that I just picked it up and bought it. :P

    Aya, yeah, they are so cute together, aren't they? :P

    Sugar, yeah. BB has a lover! :P It may be an investment for a good year or so but the thought that there are still bacterias in it no matter how many times you wash it freaks me out. :D

    Argie, you'd better. They're cheaper and I think they do a good job if you've been using them for quite some time now. :P

    Madz, sorry. Hehe. :P

  9. Kim, yeah. Toink toink motion it is. Oo nga eh, I could've bought a blush or a lipstick with this na. :P

  10. curious ako dito.. as in.. but ireally like using my figers pag naglalagay ng liquid foundie.. haha

  11. Donna, me too. So much that I tend to forget I have this. :P

  12. lol natawa talaga ako with that picture with the egg! i've never tried this also the price kasi is quite prohibitive :P

  13. you should copyright the "toink-toink motion" Pammy hahaha! thats so funny!

    thank you for the review! i dont think i will get this because of the price! i think its too much for a sponge.

    LOL on the cozy pic. i love your sense of humor babe! :)

  14. I've read so many good reviews about this, but It's really damn expensive! So impractical for a peace of pink sponge. toink toink! hehe

  15. Crystal, hehe. They're lovers. :P True, I was probably possessed when I bought this. Haha!

    G, haha! Agree, the price is really too much here and the mark up is unbelievable. :P

    Hollie, I couldn't agree more. Toink! :P

  16. I've always been curious about the beauty blender but never got my hands on it for some reason! It sounds like a great product, I'm just so lazy though I mainly just use my fingers hehe

  17. Thanks for the review Pammy! I also laughed at the Toink Toin Motion hehe :)

    I also almost got "possessed" in getting this but thanks to you I did not hehe...I don't have the time to wash it right after every use...and yeah, the idea of breeding bacteria is icky.

  18. Pammy! I love this and I'm glad you're loving yours too! Basta, hatest ko lang is to wash it! Its quite difficult to remove concealers and foundation no? But the Toink Toink motion is cute! :)

  19. Nice review. I couldn't bring myself to get it due to it's price :(

  20. Amy, I also use my fingers most of the time and I also forget that I have the BB. :D

    Gale, I guess I am the Exorcist now. Haha! I read about the email scam, that's bad. :(

    Nikki, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap does a pretty good job in removing fiundation and concealers. Try it. :P

    Starryxuan, yes, the price is prohibitive. You have to be possessed to get it. Haha! :P

  21. I never know such a product...may be b'coz not sold here. I never inquired. Thanx for making a detail review. I love to try....useful :)

    Must read it again before using myself!

  22. oh!!!!
    this is so cute!
    great post!!!
    follow u =)

  23. huh, very interesting product! it reminds me of those rubber dianosaurs you grow in water and they becomg twice their size!!!

  24. Love the egg comparison. I was hesitant when i saw this because of the price. I told myself i'd rather buy a lipstick he he. I still want to have this though but best as a gift from somebody. ha ha:-)

  25. Sasmita, it is useful adn quite versatile but the price is just erm, too much? :P

    Silvia, thank you. :)

    Juliepop, I think I had that rubber dino too! Though I'm not sure if mine was a dino. :P

    Mina, they look perfect for each other, don't they? Maybe Mr. G can give you this hot pink eggie sponge? :P

  26. omygosh! such cuteness in that sponge!! and you know what else is cute? this blog of yours! love love the header image :D new visitor here ;)

  27. Aww, thank you for visiting my blog, Hazel. :)

  28. I bought this once, and then I got rid of it because I couldn't ever figure out how to use it! I kinda wish I'd read your review on it first! Great review, by the way:)


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