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Monday, February 21, 2011

Yum Moments: Spicy Tuna with Basil and Lemon Penne

Lately I've been craving for pasta so I had my mom buy the lasagna and chicken combo from Greenwich because the commercial was so enticing and I honestly like their lasagna. But it was an utter disappointment because the lasagna barely had any sauce and meat. 3-4 layers of pasta without much in between wasn't worth the price and simply left me craving for something better. I decided to just cook something that may somewhat satisfy that craving. I wanted to keep it simple yet something different from the usual red and/or white sauce and here's what I came up with.

I made two batches. One with tomato sauce and the other without it. For the first batch, I cooked it with just oil in the tuna instead of using olive oil. As for the second batch, I added a little bit of tomato sauce in it. I only needed a few ingredients for this dish - garlic, tuna and its oil, basil, salt and pepper to taste, and of course, pasta. Oh, I also added a small amount of lemon juice. I just grated some cheese which I eventually sprinkled on the pasta. :)

With tomato sauce.

What's your fave pasta dish?

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. yum!
    looks deeeelish!

    i love pasta dishes!
    well...except for...uhh...what the heck is the name of that?!
    where you don't really cook the sauce but instead just a mixture of oil, basils & seasonings?
    for the life of me, i can't quite remember it but i don't like that. i prefer tomato-based sauces!

  2. Thia, is it pesto? Oh no, I don't think you'll like this one because you basically described how I cooked this. :P If it is pesto, another oh no because that's my fave. :P

  3. Pammy, this dish looks wonderful :)

    it's sad though that Thia hates oil-based pasta... i love that kind of pasta! i feel healthy eating it. i've been tossing penne in basil, tomatoes and oil this week (pasta phase ata tayo) and i love it to bits! Cream-based pasta are superb but i kinda feel guilty eating all the calories in that cream/thick tomato sauce.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new greenwich lasagna. imo, they serve the best lasagna (pinoy na pinoy), but lately, their serving size shrunk unbelievably. basta, ang pangit na ng quality. im not surprised at all na their new foods are not getting great recognition. sayang...

  4. yummmyyyy!!! i always SUPER LOVE your yum moments post pammy! i also have a spicy tuna recipe hihi! :3
    if you want i'll share it with you on FB. =)

  5. Pammy i luuurve penne! very nice recipe with simple ingredients. Thumbs UP!!! thanks for sharing! :*

  6. OMG this looks so good. Speaking of pasta, I had penne and meatballs for breakfast lol. And my favorite pasta dish is the sweet spaghetti sa palengke hehe..

  7. Ang sarap! I've tried using Tuna on a red sauce and it tastes good din :)

  8. That's the reason why I don't frequent Greenwich anymore, super measly servings. :|

    I'm kind of on a pasta roll too, every time I dine out I always order a pasta dish, last week I even had bolognese spag for my meryenda and then TSG's carbonara for dinner. Haha! :P

  9. your post made me hungry :( kakaaddict talaga mga pasta recipe

  10. Ahhh, pasta! Yours look good that I'm craving for some. My all-time favorite esp. pesto! Anything pasta actually EXCEPT tomato-based ones. I don't like tomato sauce based food!

  11. Argie, me too! I sometimes get tired of cream-based sauce. And it feels healthy. I guess we're on a pasta roll nga! :P Re: Greenwich, I really like their lasagna but the serving has significantly shrunk nga, unlike before. Sayang.

    Sugar, yey! Recipe, please! :P

    G, I love penne too together with fusilli. :P

    Becky, the old style Filipino spag that's sweet! Haha! :P

    Nikki, yes it does, even with white sauce. :P

    Crystal, if you love spicy food, you'll like this. :P

    Madz, yeah. I don't usually buy what I see on the commercials but for some reason, the lasagna has drawn me into buying one which just left me disappointed. :(

    Nadine, true! Pasta is l-o-v-e! :P

    Nikki, I LOVE pesto too! It's my fave pasta dish! :P

  12. Looks so delicious! Wish I knew how to cook. I crave for pasta ALL the time, it's not even funny haha. I usually get my pasta fix from Cibo. They never disappoint. :)

  13. ooooo Yummy! I'm one hell of a pizza and pasta lover!

    I love the Baked Zitti of Sbarro.
    Actually, I'll eat anything that's pasta. I even tried eating a garlic pasta with nothing else on it just "Garlic" and I still loved

    Just by looking at your photos, I think I can replicate this...hehe

  14. Its 11PM and I see your post. TORTURE :( Been craving pasta as well!!! YUMYUM!

  15. I am at work with a boring sandwich and then I saw this. Looks so yummy, I'm drooling now!

  16. nice! im craving for pasta. im on way to look for one after school :)

    im a new follower!

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