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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Product Review: NARS Laguna Bronzer

If you have a round face and chubby cheeks like mine, using a bronzer or a contouring powder can help you have more defined features. I, for one, like having those defined cheekbones that I don't really have so when I read good reviews and raves about NARS Laguna, I thought I had to buy one and I did. This review has been on my drafts for a couple of weeks now and it is only now that I decided to post this one. So here is the review.

As usual, it comes with the NARS rubber packaging. This one is larger than the blushes though.

What I like:
- It doesn't turn orange or red on me. It stays true to its color.
- Pigmented and you don't need much product for it to show on your cheeks.
- It has super fine shimmers but are barely visible once on the skin so this is great for contouring.
- Unscented.
- Not chalky nor powdery, texture is nice and easy to blend.
- Locally available at NARS counters in Rustan's.

What I don't like:
-Expensive at Php1750 per compact but if you will use it every day, I think price is reasonable since it comes with a huge amount of product that will most likely last you for years.
- My cheeks are dry and this does not last for a long time, perhaps, 2 hours max on me. Whether or not I use a primer, a liquid or powder foundation, it does not last on me which disappointed me big time.

Overall rating: 3/5 Overall, this is a good product which can do the job for you. Apparently, this does not work that much for me due to its poor staying power on my skin. But I like it for contouring. It's just that I do mind having to bring this wherever I go for touch ups if I want to maintain that contoured cheeks all throughout the day.

Will I buy again? I'm on the fence with this one. I have sold this last week and even though I am thinking of repurchasing this in the future, the fact that it doesn't last long on me keeps me from doing that. But knowing myself, I just might.


On me

Have you tried this product? What bronzers do you use or contouring products can you recommend?
Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. nice..though i dont like those with shimmers for contouring.i do want this though...and irresistblement.hehe.

  2. Shobe, go try it. It's really nice. Too bad it does not last that long on me.

  3. I LOVE this bronzer! It doesn't have that brick red tone you usually see in most bronzers. Too bad it doesn't stay longer than you'd like it to... but for me it does. Still, one of my favorite cosmetics! Nice review btw! :)


  4. Dawn, I'm jealous! I wish it stayed on me like it does on you. Glad it works for you enough to be one of your faves. :P

  5. Nice!!!
    Too bad Pammy it doesn't last long on you it suits you pa nman.

    The price was steep and way out of my budget din...:(

  6. Pammy!! Laguna looks really great on you, and i cant help it, but peach ka nga haha :)

  7. nice pammy.. kaso i like matte bronzerS hehe.. ayaw ko din ng orange at red na bronzer..nyahaha

  8. Ayieh, yeah. I'm now looking for a cheaper alternative that performs too. :)

    K, tanggap ko na na peach nga ako, not pink nor yellow. Haha! :P

    Jelena, go try it. It's really nice. :)

    Donna, that's what I'm looking for too, a matte bronzer that is neither red nor orange. :P

  9. too bad it doesnt stay long on your skin and the price is pretty blah. you should find a chap alternative :)

  10. Nadine, yeah. I'm on the hunt for a cheaper alternative that works too. :P

    Charry, yeah. Staying power lang ako nalungkot. :P

  11. pammy i missed your posts! :p

    anyway, i don't know how to contour. shhhhh... don't tell anyone ok? LOL! x) this seems like a really nice bronzer and i love your FOTD! you look so fresh and young. :D

  12. oooh, the famed NARS laguna. it looks nice on you!

    milani has excellent bronzers, IMO. and they're cheaper, too.

  13. Sugar, okay, I won't tell anyone. :P Haha!

    Argie, yeah, the infamous bronzer. I've been seeing their bronzers on eBay. Thanks for the reco. :P

  14. sayang naman di sha long lasting on you.. the shade looks pretty pa naman! I just use my MAC MSF to contour my cheekbones =)

  15. Kim, yeah, t'was so sad. Review naman ng MSF as a contouring powder. :P

  16. I think it looks gorgeous on you! I also bought this one recently and it's definitely not THE bronzer for me as well :( It's so hard to find a nice bronzer!


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