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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yum Moments: Street Food Uric Acid and Gout Fest!

Lately, I find myself craving for isaw (chicken intestines) so when my food trip buddy and I, together with another friend, had the spa and makeover session last Saturday, we did not let the chance to eat isaw pass by. And here's what we had. Oh, if your stomach easily churns as the sight of something you don't get to see and eat everyday, I suggest you close the window because it might make you say, "They eat that???!!!" :P

I used to call the chicken intestine SSSSSS isaw because it's like a continuous S. Then we had pork intestines and pork ear and a chicken thingie. I love the gravy-like sauce. Each stick costs 5 bucks and they are clean as compared to what we usually see on the streets. We have tried a couple of those and they had those thingies inside the intestines that tasted bitter which gave me an upset stomach after a few hours. These never made me sick and the foodtrip buddy has been buying from them for months now. And please, I'd choose isaw over balut any time of the day. At least this one doesn't have hair and eyes and a beak.

The last 3 sticks. ISAWS UNITE! :P

Oh, weird and mean people are all over the blogsphere. And I wasn't spared. A dementor (thanks to Harry Potter and Wikipedia for the definition of dementor)anonymous left a comment on a blog entry I posted more than a year ago.

Anonymous: fat face! you dunno haha!
Me: I know and I couldn't care less about what you think. :)

I have a feeling it's another case of an immature brat who has so much time in her hands trying to make other people feel misarable in order to feel better about herself. Sorry, but I love my fat face and I have no issues with it. So you can take a look at my fat face once again until you get sick and tired of it. :P

Have you eaten isaw? :P
Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i love you loads for posting this pammy! weeeeee!!!! :D

    to pammy's hater - and i suppose you're perfect??? O.O duhhh... get a life or a blog so you'd have somewhere to rant in, rather than post nonsense on other people's blogs. tsk, tsk...

    we all have our days pammy LOL! mine called me an ugly wannabe and i deleted the comment because it had no justification or whatsoever. O.o to me, it's the same as spam comments.

  2. i miss isaw!
    i love pinoy street foods!fatty & unhealthy pero it hits the spot!

    you look lovely no matter what,sis!
    bayaan mo nga yan...inggit lang yan!

  3. nice pammy :) pabayaan mo nalang :) anyway i love isaw too but i love baboy isaw more!

  4. Go! Go! Pammy :) don't mind your haters cause you're way way awesome. love your photo so cute.

    Those isaw made me hungry btw try Central's isaw super sarap.

  5. Sugar, I knew you'd love this post. Haha! :P Thanks, dear. Those meanies are dementors! :D

    Thiamere, you nailed it. Fatty and unhealthy but hits the spot. Right on! :P

    Crystal, I love the bilog bilog baboy isaw! :P

    Nadine, hehe thanks. Central's isaw? I gotta google that and try that. :P

  6. way to go pammy! your 'etong-sayo-Anonymous' pic is the best.

    you have a pretty face and there are those who can't handle it, I guess.

    And the isaw--- ang taba! kaso, i'm a balut person, hehe. sisiw, come to mama.... (i can see you cringe from where im typing LOL)

  7. I super love this! yummy!
    issaw and chicharon bulaklak are the best! I know these are unhealthy but they're just so good, I can't help it. Ang dami kong nauubos na rice pag ito ang katapat! hahaha

    and Oh, there will always be haters. don't mind it, I bet she was ugly! lol... You Rock!

  8. I LOVE ISAW...especially the one from!

  9. DROOLING ON THOSE ISAW!!!! Sarap tignan!

    Btw, Huwag pansinin ang mga taong insecure!

  10. Argie, you got it right with the etong sayo. Haha! Yeah, I cringed at the thought of eating sisiw. :P

    Hollie, I also like the bulaklak but the isaw one. Good luck on the cholesterol level and the uric acid. Haha! :P

    Debi, UP isaw has lost its glory for me. But yeah, I remember going to UP years ago just for isaw. :P

    Procne, masarap din kainin the isaw. Haha! :P

  11. sis naglaway ako sa mga pictures mo!! grabe favorite ko kasi ang isaw! :D

    to Anon, naku sis dont mind him/her inggit lang yun :p

  12. I love isaw. Those look pretty big! Haha, Pammy, you should've given the finger in your photo. Mas fitting. :D

  13. Ida, yeah, those isaws are big. :P Oh no, that was an old "punks not dead" shot. Tamad ako mag-effort for her. :P

  14. I eat isaw too, it's been a while though. I'm also curious with the isaw that has breading.

    As for Ms. Anonymous...... it's a waste of time, haha. Good for you, pero if it were me, I'd click her comment as spam.

    Dapat sa malls may isaw rin, hehe.

  15. Kitten, I have tried that! :P

    I chose not to delete her comment because she is entitled to her opinion. Bahala sya. :)

  16. Pammy, hating is the sincerest form of flattery. INGGIT lang yan.

    Never tried isaw. But it's hubby's fave. :)

    Love this post! ♥

  17. Juana, thank you. :) You gotta try isaw! :P

  18. I should've! I'm vegetarian na kasi. Hahaha! Sayang. Stay beautiful, inside-out! :)

  19. Oh, so sad. But when you decide to be a non-vegetarian even for just one day, definitely try isaw. :P

  20. *shy shy*, I haven't tried Isaw, I maybe adventurous when it comes to food but I don't know why internal organs aren't my thing! Its not that I find them yucky, I just don't like most of them! Siguro I'm more of the OUTER BODY PARTS individual rather than the inernal organs ! hehehe

    P.S. I love it that you can address all those bratty comments! Proud of you!

  21. Nikki, that made me laugh. You being an outer body parts eater. :P

  22. Of course I eat isaw, it's such a cheap treat! I love pairing it with spicy vinegar dip with lots of diced onions and chili peppers. Nice photos! :)

  23. Madz, oh man. How you described the dip is so mouth-waterning. Haha! :P

  24. I am legit not allowed to eat isaw. :( My dad doesn't allow me. But it looks yummy though!

    Wooot! You got a hater! Congratulations! You're important enough to be hated on! :)

    Can't wait 'til I get my first hater comment! :)

  25. Michelle, me too. Well, I used to not be allowed to eat isaw. Everyone in our house doesn't eat isaw except for moi. But I'm 26 so I can sort of eat whatever I want. :P

    Haha! Yeah, as Juana K pointed out, hating is the sincerest form of flattery. :P

  26. whats wrong with having a round face? hmmm...i have strong jaw and there was this one sick demented lady who used to call me sponge bob...i wanted to resign from my job because of that bully..i thought hard and stayed until she left the company apparently because she was not delivering results and unproductive, says her former boss. i had the last laugh..

  27. Pammy!!! Ayan nanaman yung insecure sa iyo!! i wish i had the same confidence you have

    wow.. isaw... haha wow isaw! I like the chewy pork isaw too! Lalo na sa sukang madaming bawang sibuyas at sili :9

    love your blog!

  28. Anonymous, glad you didn't let her get the better off you. :)

    K, nag-Lazarus nga. Haha! Okay, nag-crave ako bigla sa isaw. Kawawang uric acid. :P

  29. ISAW!! Sarap. I miss going to UP pagtapos ng class just to eat those. Wala kasi sa Campus namin na nagbebenta eh. Masyado kasing green and eco-friendly sa school. LOL

  30. star, I had isaw earlier. :P

    Lala, yeah! Had isaw again earlier. :P UP isaw is slowly losing its magic na, so sad.

  31. Oh no. :-( They have the best isaw I've ever tasted. Before I go home, I drop by the nearest stall to eat. *We girls in green uniform when others think we're maarte* stop by and eat street foods too. LOL

  32. Nice picture! I have a round face too. Round faces age well.... I love your eyeshadow in that pic btw

  33. Yes sis Pammy, isa akong Katipunera. LOL isang Maria Katipunera. =D

  34. Haha! Love Katips. Meatshop, Starbucks, Mang Jimmy's, and UP Isaw! :P

  35. grace, do you own this photo? i kinda thought the woven background looked familiar...

  36. Argie, checked on it. Not mine. Thank you! :P

  37. stuff looks really yum, and I always love street meat- they are the best kind! :)

  38. Ooh that's so YUMMY, Pammy!!! It rhymes eh?

    Just like what I said to can't please everyone esp if she's one INSECURE BITCH!!!! Way to go Pammy!!

    Btw, you're so cute in your pic!!! Love it!!!

  39. AiR, those are chicken and pork intestines. :P

    Ayieh, it does rhyme. Haha!

    True, I realized that when you start blogging and showing others your face or any parts of your body, you are putting yourself out there and to nasty comments from those who have nothing better to do in life. :P

  40. naku im into this kind of foods.i can eat them anytime of the day,isaw dugo tokwa etc wag lang yung tenga...hehe.magkakasundo tayo dito pams.=D

  41. Cams, isaw fest one of these days! Haha! :P


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