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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chunky Bling: Swarovski Pearl Ring - White

They say pearls are classic and timeless pieces that will never go out of style, and something that you can wear on almost any occasion. That is why when someone from Chunky Bling told me that I can choose a ring for myself, I immediately chose this one as I knew it was going to be something I can wear any time of the day and wherever I go. When I finally got the package this afternoon, I was really amazed as to how lovely the ring is. Here are pictures.

I love how the light is reflected on the swarovski stones.

It may seem bulky at first but it's no different from cocktail rings. I really love how it looks and even though it is indeed chunky, it doesn't make my ring finger feel annoyed (yeah as if it has a mind of its own). I can imagine this will look nice with almost any piece of clothing especially with a crisp button down polo and jeans/slacks. Or a really feminine dress or a little black dress.

Please do check out their products at Chunky Bling where you can find other really nice accessories such as pearls and swarovski watches and other jewelries at a low cost. :) I wouldn't ask you guys to check out their products if the ring disappointed me anyway. And I wasn't asked to make this post, I just thought I should show you guys how pretty this ring is. :)

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. Im not gonna lie. its really really pretty!

  2. diamonds and pearls are a girl's BEST FRIEND~

    That really is pretty pammy

  3. Kitten, haha! Can I add makeup too? Thanks. :P

  4. prettyful!!!! O.O great choice pammy! it looks so lovely on your hand. :3

  5. Oh its beautiful :)

    New follower here. I have to say that you have a great blog. Do check out my blog sometime :)

  6. Hollie, yeah. A chunky bling bling! :P

    Aya, thank you. My mom wants it na nga eh. Haha! :P

    Sugar, cute! Prettyful! :D Thank you. :)

    Sara H., thank you. :) Sure, will check out your blog too. :P

  7. love your pick! the pearl ring looks so classy and elegant :)

    i still haven't received your letter/package :/

  8. Amy, that's what I thought of too when I saw the ring. :P

    Oh no. It has been more than 2 months now. That BB cream is probably solid by now. :(

  9. super nice! i do like girly accessories and this one fits the bill!

  10. Nikki, so true. Girly and dainty and so feminine. :)

  11. This would just absolutely go with anything! GORGEOUS!

  12. Michelle, agree! But I don't think it will work with rugged style. :P

  13. it's so pretty grace! i love how it looks on your finger... so classy!

  14. Argie, thanks! I think you might like something from them. :P

  15. Pammy, it's really pretty. I love anything with pearls. Fake or real, I love them lol.

  16. Hello,

    Pearl is a very diverse set of stone in the ring, the advantage of using a pearl in setting up an engagement ring is a pearl that can set any type of metal available looks good with any color and any size ring set. Thanks.

  17. Swarovski pearl rings are strung on a stretchy cord which allows the wearer to easily slip the ring on and off the finger. They adjust to the temperature of the skin and are more durable than natural pearls. They are abrasion proof and resistant to UV light, scratches, perspiration, and perfume. Thanks a lot.


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