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Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: NYX Bronzer #1 Powder

After my very short love affair with NARS Laguna Bronzer, I was keen on finding a bronzer that will also work in contouring the face but has better staying power too. I found that in NYX Bronzer #1. Read on for the review.

Look at the gorgeous strips of different hues.

What I like:
- The texture of the powder is really nice and soft.
- Blends very well with the skin, not patchy nor powdery.
- There are shimmers but are not obvious once on the skin, thus, making it good for contouring as well.
- Does not look muddy or dirty at all.
- Pigmented and a little goes a long way.
- There is a slight hint of orange in it but it's not something that will really scream "BRONZER!!!" and the brown tone is way stronger than the orange tone.
- Staying power is good and lasts for hours.
- HUGE! Contains 33.61g of product and will definitely last for a long, long, long, long, long time. Unless you break it and decide to throw it in the bin, of course. :)
- Did not break me out at all, no allergic reactions whatsoever.

What I do not like:
- Not locally available.
- Can make you look sunburned if you apply just a little too much.
- Might not show up on darker skin tones.

In between: Those who do not like products made in China may not like that fact that it is made in China. But then, aren't a lot of cosmetics being manufactured in China nowadays? :)

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? I don't think I will need to purchase one in, say, for the next three years or so? This will last me a lifetime. But of course, I'm exaggerating when I say lifetime. And I have a Too Faced bronzer on its way to momma.



What's your favorite bronzer?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! TGIF! :P

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  1. Thanks Pam!
    Your review sounds good. Which is better Nars or Nyx?

  2. great review pammy! :) i don't know how to use a bronzer yayyyy!!! but your review makes me want to check out NYC's bronzer. i hope that makes sense. hmmmm... x)

  3. I am into bronzer kasi summer na! this looks nice!

  4. gingerSnaps, I honestly prefer this over NARS Laguna. :P

    Sugar, you have access to NYC bronzers??? :P

    Chrissy, online perhaps? I have no idea on where to get this either. Didn't buy it eh. :(

    Nikki, the design is so summer-y! :P

  5. its so pretty on the pan!
    i havent tried bronzer, i am morena. i think i have too much natural bronzer on me. haha!

  6. Reina, at least you don't have to use a bronzer because you already have a gorgeous color! :P

    *Sorry, I really admire morenas.*

  7. I seldom use bronzers, but this is a really nice shade.

  8. I love the size of the packaginG! It's great when you actually get what you paid for!

  9. I find NYX stuff is comparable to some of the bigger brands like MAC, I'm a fan of NYX personally!

  10. Hollie, this looks almost as natural as NARS Laguna. :P

    Michelle, it's HUGE! :P I think it retails for $14 when I google-d it and the quality is good too.

    Julie, I totally agree. MAC is too over hyped, IMO. :)

  11. Kim, it really does look natural that's why it can be used in contouring the face. :)

  12. I love the cute design and it doesn't look like it's screaming BRONZER. It's always a tricky situation with bronzers and me coz' it can really give me a sunburned effect hehe:-)

  13. nyx is one of my favorite drugstore brand over here, it's affordable and i think some of their products are really nice! i haven' tried that bronzer but i do own a bronzer from them and love it!


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