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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yum Moments: Sandy's Pizza

After a few weeks, here's finally another Yum Moments post. Thursday last week, my friend and I dropped by Sandy's Pizza along Katipunan Extension for late lunch after a meeting. We ordered the 18 inches pizza - Combination and Meatzarella - and 1.5L of Coke that we shared with the manong driver. Here's the pizza.

The pizza costs Php 590 for 18 inches with 12 slices. Not bad, right? The crust was thin and the pizza wasn't oily. There were enough toppings to tickle the taste buds but sadly though, it tasted a little bland for me that I had to put a lot of hot sauce on my pizza. It took them almost 15-20 minutes to serve our pizza but it was alright. Not good if you're starving. The service was so-so, nothing to be delighted about though. I personally didn't like the place even though it was cozy and all. There was no music and I can feel the heat from the outside. The attendant seemed as if she was bored and barely said a word at all. Overall, the pizza was OK but nothing really special at all but for the price and the size of the pizza, it can definitely fill your hungry tummies. :) Will I eat again? Maybe but it's not a place I would look forward to eating pizza at and probably not the pizza I would crave for.

Have you tried Sandy's Pizza?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Mmmm...the pizza looks good and the price wasn't bad at all.

  2. I'm not a fan of pizzas but this post made me hungry... x) I haven't tried Sandy's yet and Katipunan seem so far from where I live. :p

  3. Becky, yeah. I only wish it wasn't as bland as it was. :(

    Sugar, they have a branch in San Juan/Greenhills, I think. But still far? :P Go get something to munch on. :)

  4. hmmm yumyum! Pizzzaaa!
    I never get tired of em, no matter who made

  5. Hollie, me too. But I prefer my pizza to be tasty. :P

  6. TBA, yep! Just 590. You'll be so full so make sure you're starving when you go there. :P

  7. Parang kulang sa cheese? Nag crave ako bigla, tagal ko ng hindi kumain ng pizza eh. :P

  8. Madz, okay lang naman yung cheese. Pero medyo kulang nga. :P

  9. I always see tarps of their delivery services. I might just phone them for a snack! Thanks pammy! :)

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the resto. :) pass ako dito if ure not raving bout it :)

  11. Michelle, I hope you'll like it when you munch on it. :P

    Argie, I'm raving about Cafe Lidia. It's near Marcos high way lang. Tara na! Haha! :P

  12. I've tried this na! What me and the hubby said about the said pizza is that the dough is so fresh! the toppings naman, so so lang! :)

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