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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yum Moments: Pan de Amerikana

A big factor that helps me decide on whether I should go back and dine in the same place again is the ambiance. It has to have this "at-home" feel to it and it should be warm and relaxing. I don't like crowded and noisy places, must be a sign that I am getting older and feeling it. :P One of the places I like having quick snacks at is Pan de Amerikana. Look at the pictures and you'll know why.

Look at the windmill-like thingie. It so much reminds me of the cartoons Dog of Flanders. :P

And this guy will welcome you. :P

The place looks magnificent. 

You can play chess on the tables. Just leave your ID and they will give you the pawns and the rest.

My friend ordered Palabok and it's only Php 40! She said it tasted kinda bland so she added fish sauce to it and it then became tasty. I tried it on another occasion and yes, it was a little bland. But for 40 bucks, it wasn't so bad. 

I ordered their Bolognese for Php 80. It looks more like Spaghetti but I stopped ranting because it tasted good. :P I also had their red iced tea for only Php 15. I also tried their spaghetti (on another occasion) for Php30 bucks and it tasted like the Bolognese too. :P

The food on this place is priced reasonably and with such a gorgeous place and friendly crew, who wouldn't enjoy having snacks there or having coffee while reading a book? You can also bring your laptop as they have outlets and wifi. :) The only thing is that you cannot smoke inside the establishment so you have to go outside and smoke. Manong guard is also really friendly and nice. I wasn't able to go there for a little over a week and he said that he hasn't seen me in a while. He would chit chat with me as I puffed on my cancer stick and I found him funny. :P I haven't tried their rice meals but I am planning to do that soon. :)

Have you tried eating at Pan de Amerikana?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I love this place! You're absolutely right about the ambiance, and I love that it's got wifi too. I've been there for breakfast and while I absolutely love their pandesal, I hated the breakfast food. A lot. :( But I'm gonna give keep trying their other meals because the place is just too awesome!

  2. Oh wow! Where is this?? It looks soo nice! :D

  3. Nika, good thing you mentioned. I think I can skip their breakfast meals. :P Yeah, gotta love the place.

    Michelle, this one's in SSS Marikina but there is one along Katipunan Extension and another one in Makati if I got it right. :P

  4. Wow the place looks so relaxing! Gotta check this one sometime. Will look for a branch near me :D

  5. Aya, go try it. I forgot to mention that there is another branch in Greenhills. :)

    Marikina, Katipunan, Greenhills, Makati.

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  7. wow, the place is so lovely. Would you know where in makati?

  8. Vijay, thank you. :)

    Kitten, it's in Makati Avenue Bel Air branch corner Constellation drive near Jupiter street. :) If I'm not mistaken, it's beside Savory? :D

  9. The place has a very nice ambiance!
    and the foods looks tasty!

  10. pammy your yum moments posts always make me excited! this is another fab discovery ahahaha! :D

  11. love your yum moments post! always makes me hungry though *tummy growls*

  12. The one in Makati is just a pandesal place. :(

    Take me here once! Then we'll eat cake at Casa Feliz.

  13. Nikki, you gotta try it. :P

    Hollie, the place is really nice. The palabok is kinda bland, though. But nothing a little fish sauce cannot fix. :P

    Sugar, yeah. If only you're near where I live, I would DRAG you to this place. :P

    Amy, go grab something to eat. :P

    Pusit, willing to go to Marikina again? Sure, let's go! :P

  14. Ooooh, so this is how it looks like. I often see this one in Marikina whenever I am on my way to the bf's house. :D

  15. Lala, you should try and drop by PDA one of these days or have a snack date with the bf. :)


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