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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

They say that oiliness is next to ugliness, that's why using a product that helps mattify the face is important especially when you have really oily skin. Who wants to look like a frying pan or a greasebomb, right? I have tried a few touch up powders that did an amazing job in keeping the oilies at bay on my face - MAC Blot and Prestige Perfectly Matte Translucent Powder. But I have been reading good reviews about another drugstore powder - Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I was kind of hesitant to try it at first because I have tried the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 6 years ago which turned out to be an epic fail. But then the curious cat in me won over the logical side of me telling me that I don't need another powder because I still have 5 powder foundations, all of which are good as touch up powders because the coverage is light. And I find myself reaching for it almost everyday that I have hit pan and I am more than halfway through the powder. So I decided that it's time to give it its well-deserved review.

First of all, you may notice that there was a typographical error - should have been .com instead of .vom.

What I like:
- The powder is so finely milled and the texture is silky and applies really smoothly.
- Unscented.
- Blends well with the skin.
- Keeps my face matte for hours and works just as well as MAC Blot in my case.
- I love that it works very well with Shu Uemura FA.
- Does not have a chalky or powder finish.
- It has a mirror where you can quickly check your self out.
- The shade Cream/Light 4-5 matches my skin tone perfectly.
- Can be used on its own especially if you want something really light or if you don't want to put foundation on.
- Feels very light on the skin which is just right for a pressed powder.
- Did not break me out, no allergic reactions.
- Inexpensive for $6.99 (when I had a fellow blogger and girltalker purchase this when she was in the US. Thanks again.)

What I don't like:
- Not locally available at malls so you have to rely on eBay if you want to purchase this.
- Packaging is quite bulky.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 An inexpensive yet effective product. For the kind of quality you get, you can't beat its price.

Will I buy again? Definitely! Now that I am more than halfway through my first compact, I decided to get a back up which I will be receiving tomorrow. Can I say I love this powder? :)


Have you tried this powder?

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. if you hit pan, it must be awesome! :) i hope they bring this to our local drugstores so u wont have to scour eBay!

    RYC, the Guerlain rouge G has a faint rose scent which i like cause its not overwhelming and it doesn't linger for long after application! Im going to wait for the buy one get one for half the price promotion and i'll get more rouge G's! try it Pammy its the best lippie! >:)

  2. G, the price scares me. I'm hoping I would find the scent to be overwhelming so I won't have to buy one. Haha! :P

  3. wow, super love mo talaga siya pammycakes. it's a booboo that it's not available sa mall...

    'kano kaya marl-up nito pag dating sa stores natin? wondrin....

  4. i used to reach for this din e.although i have stopped using it me why..i can't remember why nga ba..

    LOL at the oiliness is next to ugliness
    ang kulit!

  5. I just bought the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Compact foundation. Because I didn't find that face powder while I was searching on

    and your rating is 4.5 it's almost perfect! nice to see that it works for you. I'm hoping that mine works too..hehe

  6. Argie, yes, I love it. :P Knowing our malls, it could probably sell for around Php 500 in case it becomes locally available. :)

    Thia, use it again. Haha! It's really nice. Yeah, oiliness is next to ugliness. Heard my gay and girl friends, even some of my guy friends say it. :P

    Hollie, yeah it's a really really nice powder. I hope you get to try it once you're done with your Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Compact. :P I hope that compact works for you too. :)

  7. My algebra teacher used to say "oiliness is next to poverty" :))

    I always get super excited when I see drugstore products on here!

    Great review! :D

  8. Michelle, that's new. Haha! But I'll stick with the next to ugliness one. :P Yeah, I get excited too when I come across drugstore products that can compare with mid to high end brands. :P

  9. "Oiliness is next to ugliness!"- yan din sabi ni Wilma Doesnt sa amin before when i went to modelling school hehe

    i want to try this powder na talaga! haha where did you purchase yours and how much?

  10. Khymm, haha! So I guess that must be true then. :P

    I got in from a fellow Girltalker but on eBay it's Php350. :)

  11. Looks like a nice product to me :) Will definitely check it out. Thank for reviewing.

  12. This is my go to powder too, I can't believe it's such a small price for such a good product.

  13. Sara.H, please do! It's a really nice powder. :)

    Tammy, I couldn't agree more. Can't beat the price and quality of this powder. :P

  14. sounds like a good product~ thx 4 the review =) will buy if i finish y current powder! ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    *deco mirror giveaway*

  15. Yey! another nice and very helpful review Ms. Pammy!

    I'm just a newbie blogger and I love your blog. Most of my make ups are drugstore one so this is a nice product just sad that it's not locally available. I am waiting for my next payout to buy the In2it oil control powder, I saw your review about it and I really want to try it in my super duper oily skin. hehe

    Looking forward on your next product review..:)

  16. Base on sa swatch, looks like a dupe for MAC MSF Natural ha? hehehehe thanks for the review!

  17. Hi Pammy, i saw these at CVS but i didn't mind it, and now after reading this especially about how it good it controls the oil. It makes me regret not trying this. Haha thanks to you! now i want me one of this na:-)

  18. Hitomi, go try it! And I hope you'll like it! :P

    Jenggay, thank you dear. :) I like the In2It powder a lot so I'm hoping it will work for you the way it did for me. :)

    Nikki, haven't tried MSF Natural but if they look the same based on the swatch, I'll gladly stick with this powder then. :P

    Mina, you gotta try it! :P I'm inggit that you have access to CVS. :(

  19. I personally don't like matte finishes, so the usual me would not opt for this, but I want to try it as an oil blotting powder. Dewy looks are nice but when your T-zone is super oily, it ain't flattering!

  20. littlelucy, so true with the oily t-zone. I also don't like super matte finishes as it does not look really natural.

  21. Oiliness is next to ugliness! True LOL! Great review Pammy. BTW, your review is on Majolica Majorca Phils. fan page. ;)

  22. Sugar, thanks for the heads up. I got excited. :P

  23. Oh wow, thanks for this review. I'll look for this one on eBay someday :D

  24. "they say oiliness is next to ugliness" <=== LOL hilarious!!! love finding new products to help keep my t-zone shine free. will check this out. great review x

  25. Is this available on local malls now?


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