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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ambush MakeoverS 3

Earlier today, we participated in the Livelihood Fair in Marikina as sponsored by the government. It is to give the citizens of the city options and ways on how to earn extra income regardless of one's social status and educational attainment. We did facials and I did the makeup of those who wanted a total makeover. Since a lot of people came and there were only three of us (originally four but one had to go) to do the facials, I was not able to do a total makeover on everyone and I forgot to take pictures of most of them. I was able to get only one before and after and I have 3 faces that were already made up by yours truly. :)

I only did something that they can wear during daytime though I wish the lighting was better so you can see the makeup. I really love primping and prettifying people! :P
But I am dead beat, I just want to sleep the whole day tomorrow. 

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps. :)


  1. goodnight pammy! you did a great job considering you said there were many people who participated in the event. :D

  2. Sugar, around 30-40 people? Haha! Kalurkey, I swear. I think I have rheumatism na after that. Thanks! :)

  3. Ang galeng Pammycakes! Ambush Makeover series na @ J'adore!

    Hey, u free April 13-17?? Let's meet up naman :) Crystal, Gale, Donnarence :D

  4. Argie, let me know the exact date of the meet up. Text text! :P

  5. Wow naman, impressive! Go Pammy! make the more Pinays even more beautiful one day at a time hehe:-)

  6. Mina, yeah. One day at a time. Otherwise, I'll end up being a "brokeback" because of my poor scolio. Haha! :p

  7. Aya and The Beauty Addict, thank you. :P

  8. Love your ambush makeovers as always. You really naturally brought out the beauty that was already there :o)

  9. OMG! so pretty! especially the first girl. Her face is glowing and her eyes twinkles after the makeover..Good job!! ^_^

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


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