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Friday, April 29, 2011

Product Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shaping Crayon in Baby Lips Blush

So you think NARS is the only brand that has the guts to name their products in a scandalous way? Nope, there is another brand that does just the same and that is Soap & Glory. They have a moisturizer (if I am not mistaken) called Glow Job. If you have speech defect of some sort or easily get confused with words, you might say it the wrong way, and hopefully not with a man around. Anyway, I only have a lip product and that is the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shaping Crayon in Baby Lips Blush. I've only had it for a few days but I think that's enough time to review a lip product that isn't meant to do some sort of treatment on your lips.

What I like:
- A very pretty medium pink shade with a hint of mauve/rose that is glossy.
- Intensity of the color can be built up. You can dot the lippy on your lips and spread it using your pinkie for a more subtle shade of pink or apply it as is for a more intense pink lips.
- It feels mentholated as there is a "stinging" sensation, which I think is how the plumping effect works.
- Staying power is good and lasts for 3-4 hours even after eating or drinking. And leaves a nice pink tint on the lips too.
- Inexpensive at Php 275 on

What I don't like:
- The scent really bothers me. It smells like a newly sharpened pencil (or a wet piece of wood, if I may add) and old crayons. I had to sharpen it to lessen the scent and had to top it off with a better smelling lip balm so the scent will no longer trigger my allergic rhinitis and migraine. The first time I tried it, I had migraine, I swear.
- It tastes awful! Another reason why I have to apply another lippy on top of it.
- Dried out my lips even though I applied a lip balm underneath.
- Unfortunately, it did no plumping effect. Though I wasn't expecting it to perform a miracle.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 This isn't for those who have sensitive noses and those who have the tendency to lick their lips on a regular basis or eat their lipsticks.

Will I buy again? For the love of my nose, NO. In as much as I find the shade pretty, I'll spare myself from migraines and rhinitis attacks. I'm better off with Palladio Herbal Lip Slix.


On my lips

Have you tried this lippy?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Jap, sexy mother pucker daw eh. So puckered up lips! :P

  2. Kai, so true! I keep saying over and over - sexy motherpucker! :P

  3. hahaha this is so sayang naman pammy it looks so pretty on your lips pa naman! :/

  4. Sugar, I know. It's just more than what my nose can take. I'm doing my best naman to make it work. Haha! :P

  5. Too bad! The shade is so nice eh :/ But super turn off sa lippies with unpleasant scents!

  6. Aya, so true. How I wish it does not smell and taste awful.

  7. Sayang naman sis pam, Im planning to buy pa naman since I read sis jap's post regarding this one. Pero, I'm buying padin, since I'm tough with scents, ma-keribells ko yan. The shade is sooo pretty btw.

  8. Maria, if your nose isn't as sensitive as mine, I'm sure that the scent won't bother you at all. It's a really pretty shade pa naman. :)

  9. the shade looks nice! I saw this from Sephora in Singapore, I was actually tempted to buy it.

  10. Catmare, if you're cool with scented lippies, I'm sure you'll love it for its color. :P

    Tiffie, thank you. :P

  11. Fash, yeah, such a shame. It would've been back up worthy if only the scent and taste isn't awful.

  12. Pammy dear! this post is hilarious hahaha :P

    yikes, the product sounds awful to me! good thing its not that expensive. but to be fair the shade looks really nice esp on you! i love that "lip" swatch too! :D

    RYC: Thank you sweetie, the palettes are really nice, the fallout makes me crazy lang. haha >.<

    try Turks & Caicos! >:)

  13. none of the lip plumpers i ever tried worked! but its color looks nice on your lips!!

  14. G, I truly wish it smells and tastes better. Otherwise, it would've been a really nice lippy. Oh no, oranges scare me. I don't think I can rock orange shades. :P

    Peach Crush, this is the only second lip plumper that I've tried and not one of them worked. :P

  15. Wow, the shade really is lovely. :) By the way, where can you get Soap & Glory products here? :)

  16. Nika, Soap & Glory products aren't available here but there are some who are now holding pre-orders. I only scored this one on (I think the seller still has some stocks left). Or if you know someone from the UK or Singapore, they can get you S&G products. :)

  17. sorry it didn't work out but it is a pretty colour!


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