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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MUJI Purchases + What's in My Travel Kit

Hey ladies! It's Holy Week now and I'm sure that most of you are going out of town and so am I. :P That's why I decided to share what I decided to bring in my travel kit when I leave early morning tomorrow. EDIT: Even though the trip was canceled, thanks to the ar$e who I was supposed to go with and bailed out on me just now, I'm still sharing it. Hehe.

I'm bringing Soapy! :P


The brushes - Charm baby kabuki, Charm Retractable Kabuki, EcoTools blush brush, Ecotools blending brush, and MAC 188 buried underneath the other brushes

The makeup - Kanebo Coffret D'Or Pact, Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation, Shu Uemura Glow Ons P Pink 30 and M Pink 30, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Pink Coral, Guerlain Single Eye Shadow in 140 L'Instant Precieux,  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Shiseido Accentuating Stick in peach Flush, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette, Pink Lip Liner from MUJI, NYC Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Baby (in L'Oreal HIP pot), Guerlain KissKiss Stick Gloss in 902 Corail Des Mers, Chanel Rouge Allure in Comedia, Mentholatum Lip Ice Lip Balm Lemon, and MUFE HD Blush in #6 Quickie

Yesterday, I finally decided to check out Muji even though it's far from where I live. I wanted to check out their cleansing oils and other skinc are stuff but most were unavailable and so as to not go home empty handed, I got at least 2 items.

Wooden Lip Liner in Pink (very pretty!!!) and an empty bottle where I can put lotion refills.

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone. And for those going on a trip, have a safe one! :)


  1. the lipliner looks super nice.. :D gusto ko makita itong muji..hihi

  2. Donna, nothing super special. :P Though products are made in Japan so I figured they're nice. :P

    Aya, they don't have much stocks of their skin care products eh. :P

  3. I have the MUFE blush too! Isn't it fabulous? You have good picks for your travels :) Have a safe trip!

  4. oh i love muji! everything is nice packed for your travel - have a safe and fun journey!

  5. Wow, love how you pack your travel stuffs, I love the cute pouch!

    I haven't bought much on Muji, I want to try their cleansing oil din I heard they are good! :) Have a blessed Holy Week to you too! Enjoy!

  6. i love muji too! eveything is so minimalistic!

  7. RD&L, it's such a nice blush and the staying power is awesome! :P

    Nic, the Muji here doesn't have a lot of products. :(

    DeBi, thank you! :)

    Nikki, that's what I wanted to buy when I went there yesterday. Sadly though, it's OOS and most of their skin care products are too. :(

  8. Caroline, that's one thing I liked about their store. Minimalist indeed. :P Nothing super fancy.

  9. Michelle, go get one! There are those being sold on eBay but with a different design though. :)

  10. Ooooh. I have been looking for an empty bottle like that all week long!

  11. Madz, lotsa empty bottles at Muji! And Saizen too. :P

  12. wow i can feel the supressed bummer feeling from the canceled trip. hehe;)

    wow you bring a lot when you travel! btw, how's that maybelline dream matte powder?

  13. Joice, you bet! I already paid for a night's stay then suddenly, that person goes kaput! :D

    I try to pack lightly as much as I can, but I can't bring just 5 pieces of makeup. Haha!

    I love the Dream Matte Powder. You gotta try it. :P

  14. I love MUJI! so sad there's not one near where I live but got a chance to go there when i visited New York :)

  15. Amy, it's nice though I thought there's nothing super special about it. But I'm eye-ing the acrylic drawer for cosmetics and stuff. :P

  16. love the pouch! :D hey how are you liking the Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder?

  17. ermmmm... =___= i was gone for only a week. what is this muji? O.O i need to de-stress. >.<" i should go shopping. :p

  18. TBA, I like the powder. It's not magical or anything but I like how it sets my under eye concealer. :P

    Sugar, a Jap store that's finally here in Manila! you should pay them a visit. :P


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